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12 December 2005


Thom Lyons - the Victorian Greens election candidate and Castro-loving lunatic - was never an officer in the RAAF. Here are some claims he made (with links to the USENET posts and website in question):

As a duel citizen I was also required to serve in the Australian military and did so in the RAAF as a flying officer.

Since I believe in national service (something the right doesn't especially the fortunate sons like Bush) I also signed up for the RAAF.

I didn't apply for a RAAF commission till 1988

The third day I was in country I got a call from the Royal Air Force asking me if I'ed consider joining the RAAF as a direct entry office in the photo field.  I told um about working on the reunion and they said they could delay entry.  It seems that they had only one officer left in the photo field with real combat experience.  They promised me my choice of posting as a teacher at the photo school at SALE or to the recon lab at Laverton, commission at the rank equivalent of Captain in the USAF and promotion to Major in 2 years.  I took it.

My Air Force contact - 'Mr Wong' - wrote again today. Here's the e-mail. Read the whole thing.

I went over to ADFA library today to check Mr Lyons claim of being a RAAF Officer. I did this by checking the 'Air Force List'. For those who have not heard of this, it is an official annual publication listing every (and I do mean every) RAAF regular and Reserve Officer. There are no exceptions, everyone is listed. If Mr Lyons was ever in the RAAF as an officer, as claimed, he would be in the Air Force List. I checked every annual from 1983 to 1993. Over this period, there were three officers with the surname 'Lyons'. One was a RAAFAR officer, present in the List for only a brief
time. One was a special duties officer, an ex-enlisted member of the RAAF
who had obtained Commissioned rank, with a date of seniority of 1983. The
final one was a young engineer, who graduated in the early 1990s. None have
Mr Lyons initials or are named 'Thom', or 'Thomas'. None of their birth
dates matches Mr Lyons apparent age, even closely. There is absolutely no,
repeat no, possibility of any of them being this Mr Lyons.

The volumes concerned can be inspected by anybody who attends the library of
the Australian Defence Force Academy and goes to the main collection. If you
are a member of the public, just ask the duty librarian if it is OK to check
a reference in the stacks, they will tell you that this is no problem. In
fact, they are so friendly and helpful that they will probably assist if
this is your first time at ADFA library - just ask for assistance. Just be
aware that it is student service training and leave time right now, and the
library closes at 1700 sharp. The volumes in question are called 'The Air
Force List'
and are located at UG 635.A88, in the stacks on the first floor
of the library (turn right 180 degrees, then left as you come up the main
stairs, you will see the V-Z stacks ahead of you). The volumes for 1990 and
1991 are missing, so I went over to Russell Offices and found an old friend
(a bit of a bower bird) who had these. Mr Lyons was not in the 1990 or 1991
volumes, either.

Therefore, there is absolutely no possibility whatsoever that Mr Lyons is
telling the truth
. He was never an officer in the RAAF in any capacity. I
have checked this for you, as I object to people who make false claims about
service in the RAAF. Like the other two services, are an ethical and
honourable profession-at-arms with a good history of service to our country,
and I do not like it when anyone falsely claims to have served with us, or
the Navy or Army either. Mr Lyons is not an honourable man, to have made
this false claim. He is not fit to have served with us.

Gee. Thom Lyons lied about his RAAF service. What a shock. What an asshole.

Hmmmm.....what to do with this lying prick?


Sydney riots

Sorry lefties, one afternoon of violent drunken assholes on the beach does not equate with years of vicious Lebanese gangs intimidating, raping, assaulting, murdering and generally terrorising the rest of the Sydney population.

I'll leave further comments to Paul Sheehan and Tom Paine. Both essential reading.

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