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15 December 2005

Thom again (.........check the update!)

Thom is very, very cranky since being outed as a military fraud, sending me a ton of e-mails. Some excerpts:

Then she wouldn't mind e-mailing me and telling me how she got them when they have been moved to the VA in Washington DC because of a disability claim.  By the way faggot, I'm pretty s ick of your gay name for me.  Go find a herd of sheep if your lonely.

No sir your the one that's mentally ill.  Your blog is a perfect example of your mental instability.  Communism died 15 years ago fuckwit and Castro has run Cuba in over 2 years and has Parkensens desease.

Why should I lie to boost your mentally ill ego?  You will be leaving me alone when your prosecuted.  That last piece of e-mail that you talked someone into helping you stalk me is a doozie and all I needed.

You see moron stalker, I have a copy of everything in my records but since you haven't got my records you won't be able to answer that will you.  That means I take the next step to get you the help you need.  Are you so stupid as to think an American veterans organization would send my records to someone overseas they don't know from Adam and one who is a known stalker of veterans on USENET?

I'm really fed up with Blogger's more than occasional inability to do the bare minimum you'd expect a properly functioning website would be capable of. This is such an inelegant solution, but unless the Blogger people can make the fucking thing behave and play when I want it to, this is clearly as much as I can do... [This paragraph didn't make any more sense in its original context, trust me]

I could go on and on of course and 90% shows how unstable you area. Your targeting a Viet Nam Vet who happens to have run against your fuhrer's party in 2002 is not a surprise when one looks seriously into your history as a blogger and a nutter.  You need to join us in the 21st century.  The USSR died 15 years ago mate, live with it.

And finally I see that when I challenged your lies that you got a serving member of the RAAF to check up on my 1988 application for a commission and demanded his name you suddenly changed your story and in your sicko blog state:
"I went over to ADFA library today to check Mr Lyons claim of being a
RAAF Officer."  I? what happened to the member of the ADF.  Suddenly its
I?  Can't you keep your constant flow of lies straight? [Thom seems to be very confused]

Why is the ANU employing a liar and a nutter?  And I see you backtracked yet again about your bullshit about getting someone to check the RAAF records but on your blog you say you did it .  Why aren't you in a mental hospital?

[When I asked him why he hadn't shut down my website as promised] Well I gotta admit the website was a hard one.  I didn't realize you were such a nut case that you would actually get a domain.  Now thats nutty.

who are you gpoing to get to defend you in court for stalking?

Theres tons of stuff people do that doesn't make it to their records.  

Funny that she doesn't answer my e-mails but is will to work with a potential foreigh terrorist?  Should I talk to the Skidmore police about that do you think?

Well then I think the Dept of Homeland security should know these people are getting peoples military records and sending them overseas.

By the way I'm stillw aiting for the name of the imaginary ADF mewmber that helped you out.  I'm sure the head of the ADF would like to hear about him helping you.

I'm definately going after her [Mary Schantag] with the Homeland security people.

Why are you continually violating my rights and the law and stalking me?

be patient, you may be a moron who stalks people but these things take time.  of course every e-mail yous end increases the body of evidence but the clincher is when you admitted that you actually went looking into my records.

My records that you said YOU HAD.  Of course now you say Mary Poppins of the POW Nitwit Net has them.

[When I asked him when he was going to get around to sueing me] well asshole since you are in Australia its unlikely and I'll have to get someone local but there is the non-civil actions first like my charges of you stalking me.  By the way your blog is just excellent evidence. Have a bad day stalker

Heh. poor fella doesn't seem to be coping well.

Note: I've posted a correction and some additional info to 'Thom's Claims Chart' of the other day.

UPDATE: I just came across yet another Thom stunner on USENET, from Sep 13 2002. Check this out:

I did my Reserve time in Colorado and I was also in the Royal Air Force briefly as a flying officer.  (thats the duel citizen stuff)  My asthma was caused by exposure to Agent Orange in "Martin Manor" and other parts of "3 Corps".  I was not allowed to have a RAAF career because of my physical problems.


- now he was in the British Air Force (any of my Brit readers care to check this out?) because of "duel citizen stuff". Thom is therefore claiming British citizenship as well!
- he is a victim of Agent orange
- claims he wasn't in the RAAF (which proves the 'RAF' mention was clearly meant to indicate the British Air Force)

Bwahaha!!! Oh my God. This guy is the Tolstoy of Bullshit.

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