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7 December 2005

Thom Lyons: the Truth-telling Greenie

For a decorated Vietnam veteran, Thom Lyons seems rather desperate to prevent anyone from looking at his US service records.

First he claimed that requesting his records is a criminal offence (it isn't), and that it requires his permission (it doesn't), and that I would be arrested the second I set foot on American soil if I asked for them. Uh-huh.

Second, he's been sending an increasingly frantic series of e-mails to the folks at POWnetwork, who have filed a request for his records. Thom is claiming on USENET that he is having "discussions" with them, and that they are not carrying out any such check.

Problem for Thommy is that the good folks there have been notifying me of Thom's amusing correspondence. Thom wasn't aware of this, so has been caught out lying through his teeth yet again.

You see, Thommy has been trying to convince the USENET crowd that I've been lying about his contradictory claims, and demanded I post the name of the person at POWnetwork who I'd been talking to, so he could deny it:

Thom: Now tell us the name of the person whose going to get them for you and why you haven't just gone over to the Embassy and requested them yourself?

Me: I've already told you over and over who has requested them, dumbass.

Thom: No you haven't  Give us the name of the PERSON who said they would send you my records.

Me: Mary Schantag from the POW Network. You know, the person you've been sending e-mails to (hey, gotten a response yet Thommy? hehehe)

Thom: well since there seems to be no one named Schantag there.... no. And tell us how is this imagainary woman going to break into the records center and steal anyones records?


Sorry but theres been no government requests. [...] Also tell us WHERE he'se going to get them from?

Me: Why don't you ask *her*?

Thom: Why when she doesn't exist.  Why don't you just go over to the Embassy so they cxan laugh you off the property?

Strange then, that Thom had written this non-existent Mary person the following e-mail only hours earlier:

>Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:01:13 +1100
>From: Thom Lyons <>
>To: Mary Schantag

>Dear Mary:
>I'm writing because of a cyber-vet stalker [...]

Thommy old boy, here's some advice: if you're going to tell lies in public, first make sure your intended accomplice is actually on board.

By the way since you love stalking veterans so much why don't you go over to the
defence ministry and demand all the records of the Gul War and Afghan Veterans be released?

Heh. What a nutbag.


Thom Lyons - additional notes

A few brief mentions of other noteworthy claims Thom has made:

- his father was in the IRA and was assassinated by MI6 in 1950 in New York City.

- about his entry to Australia:

I was working for the Navy when Austraian Defence Industries (and they spell defence differently down here so don't get on your high house) asked me to work on one of my designs for them and Kim Beazley the Minister for Defence got me my Visa.  I arrived here on Aug 3rg 1988

Mmmmkayyyyy. There's a few problems with this story....

1> ADI wasn't incorporated until 1989. It was formerly part of the government: the Office of Defence Production. And I kinda doubt they hired Americans with no specialist skills whatsoever.

2> Thom has said elsewhere he moved to Australia as a retiree.

3> on his website, he said "I came to Australia to work on the Viet Nam Veterans International Reunion as the American co-ordinator.  I also wanted to do volunteer work at the Viet Nam Veterans Counciling Centre.  I had being doing counciling for 3 years."

4> I seriously doubt the Defence Minister personally handled his visa application.

5> His arrival date in Australia varies between August 1 and August 3, 1988.

6> says he was recruited right into the RAAF, despite working for ADI and being retired at the same time: "The third day I was in country I got a call from the Royal Air Force asking me if I'ed consider joining the RAAF as a direct entry office in the photo field.  I told um about working on the reunion and they said they could delay entry.  It seems that they had only one officer left in the photo field with real combat experience.  They promised me my choice of posting as a teacher at the photo school at SALE or to the recon lab at Laverton, commission at the rank equivalent of Captain in the USAF and promotion to Major in 2 years.  I took it. "

- the story about the death of his wife changes all the time:

In march 95, I ended up living with my X-Wife in that same house in Arvada that we bought in 1971.  Three years later in July 97 she was struck with cancer and I lost her 89 days later.

The fascist medical system there wouldn't give her an MRI because its not cost effective
and 2 years later she died of brain cancer.

Then we have the HMO that murdered my wife.  For years they refused an MRI for her headaches till she had a stroke and the MRI found 8 tumors.  She died 58 days later.

- despite having the spelling & comprehension skills of a chipmunk, Thom claims to have taught 'military history' at the University of New Mexico 'in the 80s'.

- Thom has alternatively claimed that he is retired, but also that he is currently a teacher with an Australian Certificate IV teaching qualification.

- Somewhere in all this, Thom claims to have once run a business "for almost 20 years on socialist principles of honesty and service to the cusomer."

There may well be a kernel of truth in some or all of these, but I suspect there's a large pile of bullshit to be sorted through as well.

Don't you think if you could explain these things, you would? Yet, as usual, Thom's only responses are threats, ravings about 'mental illness', and outright lies.


Problem solved

Thanks to readers Geoff B. and David P. who wrote in with advice on my IDE-USB problem. Their advice worked, and I'm now speedily transferring all my files to the new PC.

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