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16 March 2005

Amongst Friends

Insane "futurist" and serial media commentator Richard Neville is back, though his scribblings have deteriorated so badly you can't even tell what he's raving about anymore.

What interests me more are the "truthful" websites that he links to, the ones not polluted by Neocons, Zionists and other boogeymen. Among these paragons of virtue are:

- Anti-semite and conspiracy creep Justin Raimondo.

-, which believes that we are going to be invaded by aliens. Oh, and let's not forget the ChemTrails.

- Global Research, which claims that 9/11 was caused by sinister wall street traders.

Of course, people like Richard are independent thinkers who can see through all the Zionazi/Neocon/Halliburton propaganda. People who vote for Dubya and John Howards are, on the other hand, completely crazy.


Phillip Adams recycles

The Corpulent Tax-sucking Leech writes his 4,926,522nd column about what irrational religious freaks certain world leaders are:

ONE of the many reasons that local and international politics are stark raving bonkers is because so many leaders are deranged. They're either led by the nose by nutters or are entirely nuts in their own right. And what follows isn't a left-wing diatribe. I'm not talking about the ideological craziness of, for example, the neo-cons, but good old-fashioned supernatural or pseudo-scientific silliness.

Odd then, that Adams still believes in plastic turkey urban legends.


Greenies love murderers

It's the Green Left Weekly of course, The Leafy Obergruppenführers are still squealing about the nasty American "propaganda" against their beloved Fidel:

There is no general climate of fear. People do speak freely, criticising their government, but criticising the US government far more. Cubans also participate at much higher levels than Australians in political system.

Cuba's human rights record is remarkable, taking into account its excellent health and education systems, the care of its citizens basic needs, and the internationalism demonstrated through its health and education support to many other poor countries.

Really? I wonder what Daniel Orlando Gómez would think of this.

Not surprisingly, the author of this pro-totalitarian drool is this asshole.

Tim Anderson can be reached here. Be sure to write to him and pay your respects.


Go visit already

Say hi to the Neowarmonger.


How to destroy the earth

Are you a Bob Brown voter who's depressed about the election results? Can't understand why your fellow human beings don't love trees as much as you do? Well now you can teach the bastards a lesson by destroying the earth.

Finally, a useful how-to guide for the common man!

(Thanks to Carol for the link)

Natalie Wood

Saw a documentary on this interesting lady the other night. She was an interesting set of contrasts: a vain starlet desperate for attention, who nonetheless by all accounts worked extremely hard on her acting and sought out credible roles. She had staggering physical beauty, yet often looked frozen and unappealing in photographs.

As an actress, she could sometimes be damned good, particularly as the emotionally unbalanced teenager in Elia Kazan's übersoap Splendour in the Grass.

A beautiful, often talented woman who under different circumstances may have developed into a genuinely great actress.


The Man in Black

While watching Dawn of the Dead the other night, I enjoyed the opening credits tune sung by Johnny Cash, I believe titled "when the man comes around" or something like that.

I've never owned any Cash albums (I enjoy country music about as much as vomiting), but I've liked every song or snippet I've ever heard of his, so I guess it's about time I checked out his musical career in more detail.

Can anyone with 'Cash knowledge' recommend 3 CDs of his? I understand he did some kind of covers album with Rick Rubin. Was this any good?


A rude question

Is Karol Wojtyla aiming to become history's first Zombie Pope?

Seriously, the guy looks like he's being animated by a bunch of cable-pulleys. The corpse in Weekend at Bernies looked in better shape.


Your time is up, commie-scum!!

It appears Compulsory Student Unionism is going to be canned.

Now get a fucking job and learn to stop bludging off others, you unionist parasites.


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