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13 November 2005

Helena Handbasket's Quote of The Day

[Men] ...are easily induced to believe that some wonderful love of everybody, for everybody, will result - especially when someone denounces the evils which now exist as a consequence of the fact that property is not owned in common, for example lawsuits for breach of contract, trials for perjury and flattery of the rich. But none of these evils are due to the absence of communism. They are due to wickedness, since we see those who jointly own or posses things quarelling a great deal more than those whose property is seperate... justice requires that we state not only any evils from which those under communism will be free, but also those benefits of which they will be deprived; and when this is done life under such a system is seen to be utterly impossible.

- Aristotle, as quoted by Roger Sandall in The Culture Cult: Designer Tribalism and other essays, displaying a hell of a lot more knowledge about communism than Thom Lyons.


More Thom Fun

One of the more amusing elements of Thom's, er, eccentric personality that I've not talked about yet is the fact that he's a gun nut.

No, really.

Thom does a lot of pro-gun rants on USENET. I'd normally say 'good for him', except Thom being Thom, he sees no contradiction whatsoever between being a gun nut and being a candidate for The Greens, whose policies clearly advocate a total ban on guns.

Here are some Greens policy statements on firearms:
"Advocate greater control of the ownership and use of guns, with the ultimate aim of disarming the community.
2.66 strengthen initiatives, including legislation, to maintain and extend gun control at the federal level

2.67 include laws which phase out the keeping of guns in urban homes while ensuring that community security measures are adequate for household safety.

http://www.vic. greens
"We are calling for the complete ban of semi-automatic hand guns "

http://www.vic. greens
"increase controls over gun use and ownership, in order to disarm the community."

When these policies were pointed out to Thommy, he wasn't happy, responding thus:

more right wing lies.

I pointed out these policies came from the Greens national & state websites.

Me: Are the Greens lying about their own policies?
Thom: no you are.  Thats the State website.  Plus whats that got to do with me?

Might have something to do with being a state candidate, fucknuts. When I told Thommy this, he responded with this bewildering non-sequitur:

and that has to do with national police how?  Boiy I love seeing you squirm.  By the way where do you shoot?  bet you don't and your all mouth.


Oh, and get this: Thom tries to make the case that the Greens are a bunch of tough, gun-totin' hunters:

The current Greens started out as shooters and hunters and we called
ourselves "Conservationists" then.  The environmental movement started
from there but in the last 10 years most of the world Green parties
have been infiltrated by elements of radicals (ranging from feminists
to pacifists) who are looking for a voice.  I am not one of them nor
is the major of members.

Mwahahaha. Shooters and hunters.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Give me one instance where a GREEN stole someones gun?  The right wing , your lot, inflicts 95% of the gun control in this world.  In Viet Nam and Cuba gun training for all is manditory.

After I finished choking on laughter, I asked Thommy a question:

Me: Now, when are you going to sue me, you windbag?

Thom: Oh no that would be too easy.  Shaming you and getting your lieing
blog banned from Australia is much more fun. now mud beatle your name
and address please, or do you still live with mommy and hide behind
her skirts?

Then Mr. Lyons implied he'd never even mentioned taking legal action:

Why would I pay a lawyer to do man's job.  They are
the freaks that wear the womans wigs and dresses to work.

Finally, Thom offers an explanation for his embarrasing election results:

I lost because I didn't have enough money

Heh. Sure thing Thommy. You've got problems much worse than inadequate funding.....


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