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17 November 2005

Terror laws an anti-Aboriginal plot

So says self-appointed Aboriginal leader Michael Mansell. The arrests were all a ruse to help destroy Aboriginals.

Aboriginal protesters are likely to be targeted by the new anti-terror laws as a new way to discredit Aboriginal leaders. This is even clearer after the so-called “counter-terrorist” stage-managed media stunts in Melbourne and Sydney on November 7. The arrests were little more than an attempt to justify the rapid passing of “anti-terror” laws.

The specific reference to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in section 23CA (4)(a) of the Criminal Code (Anti-Terrorism Act 2005) makes it clear that Indigenous peoples will be targeted by the new anti-terror laws. Otherwise, why refer to us at all?

Well, I'm guessing it has somehing to do with the fact that there are already special laws applying to arresting Aboriginals.

The expansion of the definitions of “sedition” and “terrorist organisations” go as close as is realistically possible to outlawing thoughts of dissent.

One person's “terrorist” is another's freedom fighter. It will be more difficult for citizens to oppose US (and likewise Australian) foreign policy under these laws.

An Aboriginal leader accused under these laws could so easily be discredited as a consequence, even where their actions have legitimately been to promote the rights of their people. People's lives can be destroyed in more ways than with a gun.

The Howard-Ruddock-Beazley troika has become the thought police, and police are now expected to act against political views rather than criminal activity. In one fell swoop, the troika has changed the face of law enforcement in Australia forever.

Hey, whatever you say, white man. personally, I think old Mikey might have other reasons to worry about anti-terror laws:

When Michael Mansell visited Libya in the late 1980s to seek aid for the Aboriginal Provisional Government from Colonel Gadaffi, the press treated him as a bit of a joke. But if Mansell had been an officer of a sovereign Aboriginal state, it would not have been quite so amusing.

Another Aboriginal spokesman of great integrity.


Where'd the green guy run off to?

Still no legal action from dickbrain. The man who promised to take my house, get me arrested for stalking, close down my website and shut down my e-mail accounts suddenly seems rather unenthusiastic about taking any action.

I offered to make it easy for him:


As you are very stupid, I'll make it easy for you: your lawyer doesn't
need to contact me, I'll contact HIM.

Please provide his/her details...
- full name
- law firm name & address
- phone number
- email

As soon as these details are provided, I'll make contact with them and
provide them with my details.

There Thommy. Put up or shut up. You've just run out of excuses.....

Thommy's response was what I expected:

your real name and address is where we start from.  This isn't your
ball game anymore.

Apparently the reason his (non-existent) lawyers are unable to e-mail me for my details, and why Thom doesn't want to me e-mail them, is as follows:

When I get his name and address the ball will roll.  Do you honestly
believe with the record this guy has that he will even respond to
anything sent to him by e-mail?  He'se an internet pest who loves to

Oh no, wait, this is the reason his lawyers can't e-mail me:

Since when is e-mail legal correspondence?

So, it's not "legal" for his lawyers to get my contact details by e-mail, but it's "legal" for Thom to do so. More of this man's powerful logic at work.

Others in the newsgroup have been watching Thom's desperate squirming with amusement, one asking him if he realised what an idiot he was making out of himself.

I couldn't care less.  He suckered me in and that was dumb, now I
won't answer him anymore and its probably driving him crazy.

So the guy who's taking legal action against me and demands that I post my personal details on a public newsgroup, has decided he'll proceed by not communicating with me at all.

Way to go Thommy, run and hide and hope your opponent beats himself into submission. What a fearsome adversary.

Thanks to Dan L. for the pic. last

One of the great things about getting a new PC is that I'm finally able to play some games which look better than Pong. Here's an omnibus review:

Doom 3: Despite the awesome looks & atmosphere this offers, the gameplay is difficult and annoying. Thankfully, the easily-installed "Falken flashlight" mod fixes all that. It operates on the whacky assumption that the Marines in the 23rd cetury will have found a way to attach a flashlight to a gun. Yeah, crazy I know. You can now see where you're going and are able to look at the thing you're shooting at. If you have Doom 3, I recommend installing this mod a.s.a.p. - it makes the game much, much better. The weapons are kinda lame though, lacking a certain 'crunchy' satisfation.

Unreal 2: I was a huge fan of the 1998 original. It still looks great today, with weird and wonderful worlds to explore, and brilliantly atmospheric music. The sequel is very different. Based on a series of missions, centreing around the recovery of some ancient alien artifacts. The level design is a welcome break from the tedious find-the-secret-switch formula. Many of the levels see you defend positions against waves of attackers alongside other marines and requires some strategic thought in placement of barriers, gun turrets, and your comrades. Engaging, challenging and fun. The 'forest rescue' sequence in particular is a superbly atmospheric experience. Oddly, the first and last levels of the game are very poor, but the rest makes up for it. The voice acting, however, is laughably bad. The game looks stunning, but you need some serious hardware to run it. Much better weapons than Doom 3.

FEAR: a great, and weird, hybrid of a first-person sci-fi shooter and a Japanese zombie movie. I have't got far into it yet, but the graphics engine and gameplay are wicked, and the weapons are great. I don't know what the hell most of it's about, but I guess I'll find out.

EA Cricket 2005: an astounding game, looks-wise, with atmospheric commentary from Richie Benaud and Jim Maxwell. The player movement and the entire look/feel of it is like watching a Channel 9 telecast, it's that good. Gameplay-wise, it's horrendously difficult. My first team score was three runs. The batting technique is complicated to the point of being unuseable. The bowling side of it is fun though, with a much more manageable interface. The commentary has some horrible bugs and the menu interface is dreadful. This could have been so much better, but it's simply too difficult to be satisfying.

MotoGP 3: an essential purchase if you like motorbike racing, or are a motorsport games junkie. It's difficult to master, but the brilliant graphics engine, authentic track layouts and street-racing options make it an absolute hoot. Great stuff. A joystick is necessary though: don't try using a mouse with this unless you want to crash approximately 47 times per lap.

I also have SimCity 4, Pharaoh, Law & Order: Justice is Served, and Rugby 2005, but haven't had much of a chance to play them yet. I'll get back to ya.

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