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29 November 2005

Quote of the day

"It's like Tennessee Williams, with cheese"

- Fez, That 70's Show


Quote of the day II

"I keep an extremely clean penis"

- Alan Shore , Boston Legal


I really don't get it

I managed to miss the entire OSM/Pajamas Media circus until last week, until I noticed Steve The Hog giving them a bollocking. At first I couldn't figure out why the grumpy bugger was going on and on about it, but the more I read, the more bizarre it got.

As far as I can work out, Charles Johnson, Glenn Reynolds and a whole bunch of quality huge-name bloggers raised a whopping USD$3.5 million to start this....whatever the fuck it is.

The whole thing seems to be a colossal balls-up. First, the silly buggers forget to register the damned "OSM" name, and have to go back to "Pajamas Media". Except, er....they're still using the OSM url.

Then there's the content: what content? There's a ton of blogger profiles, and lots of waffle about how great it's all going to be, but one questions still remains:

What the fuck is it ABOUT?

Is it a group blog? There doesn't seem to be any posts. Is it a media-monitoring site? Well, no.

And now, there's a "discussion" going on, asking "What should Pajamas media be?"

Um, fellas, shouldn't you have worked that out before you raised millions of dollars of other people's money?

Does anybody out there actually know what Pajamas Media is supposed to be doing?

Why the hell did they need to raise $3.5 million to start what looks like an incredibly boring group blog with hardly any posts?

Why do I think Pajamas Media is going to end up as an iconic MBA case study in how not to start up a company? It's as if Margot Kingston is running the bloody thing.

(...and since I wrote this, I see Tim Blair has jumped ship. Wise move, Tim)


Do you think he's hiding something?

My efforts to verify ex-Greens candidate (and Castro apologist) Thom Lyons' claims of Vietnam service have thrown the poor fellow into a state of panic.

He's sent me a flood of private e-mails promising to have me arrested and committed to a mental facility if I check on his military service record, and says no one is allowed to check his service records without his permission. Odd behaviour for a man who constantly boasts about his service "fighting the commies" in Vietnam, and who once said his records were available "on the web" (they aren't).

Hmmm, why would Thom be worried about someone checking up on his claims? Probably because some of them might be a little difficult to explain. Amongst them:

Thom says he served with Australian Infantry unit 2RAR in Vietnam, despite also claiming he was in the US Air Force.

Nobody named Thom Lyons or Thomas Patrick Lyons appears on the Vietnam nominal rolls. A few days ago, he denied ever saying he served with 2RAR. When I quoted his own words from the google archive, and asked why his name did not appear on the nominal rolls, his only response was "go see a shrink".

Thom said he was drafted into the RAAF, yet elsewhere claimed he volunteered. Thom has not provided any details of when he served in the RAAF, not to mention the fact that nobody was drafted into the RAAF.

When asked - repeatedly - to clarify wether he volunteered or was drafted into the RAAF, Thom again refused to provide details, and raged at me that I was mentally imbalanced and "a danger to the community".

Thom made the bizarre claim that in 2003, as part of the RAAF 'inactive reserves', he had been called up for a physical so he could be 'reactivated'. Thom was fifty-six years old at the time. Yet elsewhere, he claimed he had "put his hand up" to join the Air Force just before the 2003 Iraq war, but was turned down on the grounds of old age.

Thom claimed to have worked at Los Alamos between 1980-85. According to a check done by the folks at the POW Network, no one named Thom Lyons worked there during that time.

This is just a sample of the massive jumble of contradictory and bizarre claims Thom has made on the internet.

The POW Network has filed a request to see Thom's service record. It should arrive in about a month and they'll let me know what it contains.

I guess we'll finally see exactly how many porkies old Thommy has been telling.

Oh, and still no word from his "lawyers". Surprise, surprise.


Games, games, games

Listen up: Far Cry is the best first-person shooting game, ever. No other game even deserves to be compared to it. The gameplay, atmosphere, weaponry, AI and fun levels are light-years ahead of Doom, Quake, FEAR and every other game in the genre.

Also, I've been forced to revise my opinion of EA Cricket 2005. It turns out that the default difficulty setting is "medium". By switching it to "easy", the game become somewhat playable. It's still too difficult to score runs and play any shot other than a drive - especially in limited-over matches. The longer game makes it easier to score runs, once you work out the trick (ie. you have to stand way over on the leg or off-side to play scoring shots). If you're a cricket fan, it becomes an addictive experience.


Go listen already

If you're not a regular listener of the excellent Silent Running podcasts, why not? It's like a great radio talk show without the idiots. And it doesn't take long to download, even on my crappy dialup connection.

You don't need any special software to listen to it, just click, download and listen.


How to kill Val Prieto

He's been in a bad mood lately, so I hope no one shows him this nauseating puff-job on Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez by Sydney Morning Herald idiot Andrew West:

Now Chavez is showing Americans how to govern with genuine fairness and justice.

I think I'm gonna hurl.

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