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4 November 2005

The Thom Files

Following on from yesterday's post, Thom continues to rage at me, and demand I post my personal details on a public forum:

Lets have your address TEX. By the way are you
named text becauyse you have a one pint brain in a 10 gallon hat?


Lets have your address TEX. Can you ever spell my name right you dung
heap? Speaking of lieing... well we don't have to we just read your
libalist blog.


fuckwit give us your home address where you can be served or at
minimum "help the police with their inquiries". (I love that old
phrase, its such BS! :-) )

As for Thom's phantom law firm of "O'Lynne, Lyons and Fitzpatrick", Thom now says he meant Golden, New Mexico, not Golden, Colorado:

I also said I lived in Los Alamos NM too brain dead. Golden NM is
just oitside of Albuquerque.

Not surprisingly, there is no sign of Thom's mystery law firm in the phone directories for either New Mexico or Colorado.

And, despite my requests to Thom, they haven't e-mailed me either. Still, Thom is very confident in his non-existent dream team:

The proceedure is that one contacts the blog and askes the offending
material and stolen photograph be removed. If they or you refuse then
and then only can one seek relief in a tribunal or court. But whats
this? Since your a coward you posted it overseas didn't you. That
complicates things abit but not much. if the blog refuses then we go
after the blog and have it removed totally.


they will go after the blog, I'll do my part here. Care to meet me before the communications tribunal?


So your a coward I see, Afraid I actually will talk to your local
police chief? Or are you in an institution or something.

What 'communications tribunal'? Thom says they are at "55 King St. Melbourne".

Problem is, 55 King St Melbourne is the address for the Victorian Department of Justice, which doesn't have a "communications tribunal".

So, we have Thom threatening me with non-existent lawyers, non-existent police 'friends', non-existent tribunals and a photographer friend who doesn't seem able to send me an e-mail. I asked him what 'libel' these scary non-existent powers were going to punish me for:

calling me a commie dusch bag.

A female hygiene device for Germans?

Other than his mighty spelling prowess, Thom also displays a great knowledge of how the internet works:

are you telling us you actually paid for a blog!

I informed Thom as to the existence of something called "hosting fees". Thom thinks I said 'posting' fees:

Posting fees are for idiots who buy into that scam. And I was "On the web" before there was an internet". [...] You are the last person on the planet to lecture anyone about the net.

He went on to treat me to another long, psychotically nutty non-sequitur rant, this time about how Saddam was freely and fairly elected. No really:

What a flaming moron you are? Have you even even been to a town over 60 people? I hate wasting my time educating you but here goes. Iraq and all the countries around it used the Arab system of voting. Their society is made up of a step system... clans, families etc. A family votes on a subject and then goes to the clan level where the family votes. The clan then votes in the next step up in tribal confederations with each tribe acting as a sort of mobile mini-state. In the absence of a strong central authority, the tribal framework fulfilled the primary functions of conflict and resource management. The most important tribal confederations in Iraq included: the Muntafiq, Anaza, Dulaim, Shammar, Zubayd, Ubayd, Bani Lam and Al-bu Muhammed.

This is traditional arab voting and is much like the American electoral college system. This is how the likes of Saddam came to power and stayed in power. He secured the support of certain powerful clans ( The Dulaym, Jubbur, Ukaydat, Mulla, Sa'idat, and Shammar) and then over threw the government the Brits left in 1968.


Saddam is from the Tikrity Clan and the Al-bu Nasir tribe. It was one of the first Iraqi clans to embrace the Pan Arab Ba'ath which Hitler started in Syria to destabilize the British in WW2. This is where the term "Ba'ath Socialist Party" comes from as in National Socialism. Neither of course had anything to do with socialism.

When the Brits left they left in place a nationalized oil company which Saddam privatized. The Bush Oil interests tried to move in and grab a chunk of it but Saddam threw them out of the country. Saddam needed the stock in these new private company (stolen from the Iraqi people) to divide among the clans that supported him. The clans used the oil proceeds for the clan welfare system. This is part of the reasons for the partisan activity in Iraq right now but Bush and Howard are too stupid to understand why. Bush totally undermined the traditional clan, tribe and family systems in Iraq. He not only diverted all the oil money that was going to the supporting clans for clan welfare he knocked out most of the infrastructure making life even worse. The Sunni clans of the north west aren't taking this with a smile.


Now any more uninformed remarks about voting in Iraq from you? I'm sorry of you don't like the way Arab culture structures its democratic systems but we have no right to go in and change it to something we like. Bush didn't bring democracy to Iraq, he just imposed a system that is easier to manipulate or to corrupt.

Got that kiddies? Welcome to Thom Politics 101, where Saddam and Castro are freely-elected democrats, where no plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, where supply and demand have no effect on prices, where Cuban dissidents are Buddhist CIA agents, where Che Guevara 'never existed' and where George Bush's grandfather was responsible for the rise of the Nazi party.

Oh, one last thing, because Thom is so upset at my using his photo, I have chosen an appropriate avatar:

Fat, green and from another planet.

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