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19 September 2005

Hitchens vs. The Creep

Hitchens gives fascist politician George Galloway a mighty beating:

What I should have done, I now realise, is to say that George Galloway knows all about slime because he's so far inside the posterior passage of a murderous dictator that one can barely glimpse his Gucci buckles.



Thom Lyons - greenie, politician, communist, crackpot

Spent a lot of time last week arguing with some lunatics on Usenet.

One fellow in particular was very upset with my evil views on Castro.

It turns out this particular idiot was an election candidate for The Greens, Thom Lyons.

If you've ever doubted that The Greens are stark, raving lunatics, let me supply you with a collection of this charming gentleman's views (all the spelling mistakes are his):

The people there vote 92% for Castro's lot because they like him and remember what life was like under Batista and the mafia.

Cuba holds free elections.

He made a list of supposedly legal political parties in Cuba:

Cuban Liberal Movement (Movimiento Liberal Cubano)
Christian Democratic Party of Cuba (Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Cuba)
Cuban Socialist Democratic Current (Corriente Socialista Democratica Cubana)
Democratic Social-Revolutionary Party of Cuba (Partido Social-Revolucionario Democrático de Cuba)
Democratic Solidarity Party (Partido Solidaridad Democratica)
Liberal Democratic Party (Partido Liberal Democratico)
ocial Democratic Co-ordination of Cuba (Coordinadora Social Demócrata de Cuba)

I told poor Thom that these are all illegal exile parties. He was not happy to hear it, and despite dozens of requests failed to back up his claim that legal opposition parties exist in Cuba. He did whine a lot about "cold war propaganda" though.

Capitalism and democracy are rarely compatable. Capitalism is a dictatorial economic system not a democratic one.

Thom Lyons - Greens candidate in the 2002 Victorian state elections & certifiable nutcase

He also has ironclad proof that there are no politcal prisoners in Cuba:

One friend of mine went 11 months ago with a group to photograph the steam trains they have there. Funny he didn't see any gulogs etc etc. he could go anywhere he wanted.

When asked about Cuban refugees seeking asylum in the USA, he had this to say:

Free to deal drugs you mean? If they would stay home and fight Castro there wouldn't be a problem would there. By letting all these clowns
in we only keep Castro in power.


To be drug pushers and maids.

Lovely. Here's more on the wonderful, free Cuban electoral system:

Read my lips, CUBA has elections in fact voting is manditory. And unlike Florida your not crossed off the rolls for BS reasons. If you want crooked elections just look at ours.


under their system they have preselection at the common level. The villagers get together and say 7 people put their hands up for preselection. I'd say thats a choice. Or are you trying to tell us Moscow decides who runs?

He also has some interesting ideas about certain historical figures:

excuse me but who is this Guevara of whom you speak? Or are you refering to the mythical Che Guevara? No such person ever existed.

Mhhmm...hmmmm. Here he is when told Americans are wealthier than Cubans:

The average American is just making ends meet and is deeply in debt. Even the average dubass Yuppie has an average of $5000 on their credit cards and the banks love it.

Here's more on The Great Leader:

And why should Fidel step down? If he keeps getting elected why should he. Unlike America where we don't elect our president he at least has some legitimacy.

Here's his response to my statement that prices are set by supply and demand:

No they are not

Deep. Here he is on the wonderful consumer choice Cubans enjoy:

The Cubans don't have credit card debt, they buy when they can affortd unlike the spoiled selfish yuppies who just gotta have it now or they're just guanna die!

Oh, and here's what he thinks about the ideology which killed 100 million people in the 20th century:

Communism can be quite good.

Coz he says, you know, Stalin wasn't a communist. His example of good communism? Ancient Egypt. You know, the one with slave labour.

Nice guy, this greenie. Here's some commentary on John Howard:

Howard the Coward depends on the USA to keep Indonesia from invading. He doesn't want the Australian people to be armed like the Swiss because that same people's army could turn on him.

Here's some wonderful economic policy:

get the government to do its job and make the fruit affordable again.

When asked how the government should do this, he had no answer.

And here's something from bizzaroland:

When Kennette started to stealk the people's property and sell them off he also sold off rain fall.

Yes, this man believes Jeff Kennet charged people for rainfall.

I've left the best for last though. You see Thom - the man chosen by those friendly, rational greenies to be a candidate in the Victorian elections - is a 9/11 conspirazoid:

the issue of what hit the Pentagon is still up for grabs.

When I told him it was an airplane, he responded:

which went where afterwards? Where were all the bodies, where are the engines? All the engines at the WTC survived. The tail was taller than the building, what happened to it. Why did NO ONE see the plane and just the explosion?

Ahh, the Greens. Those "voice of the people" folks who want to save the planet. The party of Bob Brown. The party of Kerry Nettle.

And the party of this raving fucking fruit-loop, Thom Lyons. He should fit right in.

Comforting to know that thousands of Australians vote for these freaks, isn't it?


More on Manboobs

Tim Blair has been giving great coverage of Labor-Loser-Superspazz-Mental-Patient Mark Latham and the release of his hissy-fit diaries.

Here's a picture of The Great Man so many saw as the future of the nation:

How the hell did anybody think this chickenshit blubbering bipolar suckhead weasel lunatic was Prime Minister material?

Bloody frightening. Can you imagine this fucking psycho leading the country?



Commiserations to all non-lefty Kiwis, who have to live with the appalling fem-cow Helen Clark for another three years.

Poor bastards.


Ice cream for Allah

More Islamic lunacy.


Browneyed Palestine

The Exploding Loon Death Cult known as "Palestinians" have created a interesting mural.

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