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30 September 2005

Charming Thom

Remember Thom Lyons, the demented, conspirazoid, Castro-loving Greens candidate I talked about last week?

Well, he's still raging at me on usenet, only he's now moved on to slandering Jewish refugees from Hitler:

perhaps if they stayed and fought the guy all the horrors would not have happened. men with guts take up arms against fascist governments rather than running.

Nice people, these Greens.

Thom has had lots of other stuff to say too, so for your entertainment, here's another collection of Thom-isms (and again, all the spelling mistakes are his):

On the 9/11 Pentagon attack:

It is fair and accurate to say that questions are being asked as well as theories being put on the table about a cruise missile from who knows where hit the building. Theres a couple of possibilities that would embarrass the government, one is that it was an American missile fired by the government, another is that its an American missile hyjacked by terrorists and a third is that terrorists launched a missile from out at sea some place, all of which embarrass the government.

...and more on 9/11...

why won't the government admit that an F-15 shot down the 4th airliner over PA?

Witness on the ground saw it and by the time the plane reached the graound all the fuel was burned off in the air and no fires on the ground. I don't have a problem with it being shot down why do you?


911 never would have happened under Gore simply because 911 was payback for the murder of both Mohamad and Salem Bin Laden by the Bush Crime Family.

Back to Cuba. Thom claims they have free and fair elections and that opposition parties are legal in Cuba. I gave him a list of references, including Encyclopedia Britannica, showing him that Cuba is a one-party state, and reminded him of it over and over again. Here are some of his intelligent counter-arguments to this exact point:

I'm not a right winger. Your whole life is a lie. Prove to us all the crap you've been spewing is the truth.

And you hate Cuba so much but gee, the Cubans did a magnificant job evacualting people from the strom and Bush? Why bother, they're only economy class!

I don't have to prove anything to a fascist, if god told you you wouldn't believe it till your fuhrer said it was OK to believe.

I'm still waiting for you to back up your fascist lies that you made first. Wheres all the commies running around Cuba?

So you refuse to look at what I posted [Thom hadn't actually posted a single source to back up his claims]. Your as bad as one of those Jehadist fuckwits.

In reference to the Encyclopedia Britannica: any moron can put up a website... like you forinstance. Give me real proof from real publicans with stature. [...] The whole internet is a mindless blog. By the way check the dates on those so called encylopedia sites. Most of them are ages old. They just scanned in the books without revision.

More of your lies but your a rightr winger and ;lieing is your whole life isn't it. Most oif the people of Cuba love Castro. They remember what life was like under the right wing.... poverty!!!

your just an ignorant old coward and know nothing about Cuba. You believe anything some anti-communist asshole says and have no thoughts of your own.

Like I care about your stupidity

Like I care what you think.

And how would you know, you've never been out of Queensland.

More fascist propaganda. Communism died 15 years ago. Even the Catholic church is back (a step backwards of course).

I don't apologize to your low life type for anything except not killing you at birth. I'll say sorry when Howard does. Hope you hold your breath!

Sorry not a right winger, I don't lie. Isn't it time for your goose stepping lessons? I hear the Bring back batista fan club is having a dance and the goose step is popular.

Thats your fantasy. Sober up LDP moron. Communism is all gone. Sorry you have no one to fight anymore... or is that why the right wing is fighting the right wing now? Your death worshiping cult just has to have a war.

Your propaganda is great. Dr G is proud of you. You know nothing about Cuba, your a fuckwit with no thoughts of your own. But thats what a right winger is 24 hours a day.

By the way I hear you have a seance with Ronny Reagan tonight. Say hello to him for me. By the way can you hear what he says over the roar of the flames in hell?

Great intellects they have in The Greens, no?

Here's Thom and his awesome knowledge of economics:

And do you really believe market forces set prices? How foolish you are. Where is there demand for $4 gas? yet its all over. There is a demand for $1 gas but you see none of it do you. Capitalism is the ultimate example of price fixing and corruption. Its as bad as the old communist system.

Greed and capitalism are the same as the power hungry hungry communism. There is not difference between them.

I have no demand for a $2 gallon of gas but I do have demand for a 50 cent gallon, BUT the free market doesn't seemed to be reacting to my supply and demand.

Cuba has a free market economy

Capitalism and communism basically relay on the same economic model but capitalism is more efficient, it uses money and internial controls like guilt and organized religion to do what the Soviet Union had to use military force to accomplish.

Socialism is the syetem of choice is the most prosperous countries.

Back to more Castro-lovin':

Castro and the socvialist have provided a far higher standard of living than Batista and the mafia. Thats why they love him.

Cuban exiles are criminals, the broke the laws of two countries. And when they get to Florida they will break other laws to get what they want. Why do you love criminals? Oh I forgot your a right winger and any dirty thing for a dollar is OK with your lot.

Jackboot Johnny is no better than Castro. Gun control, lies about WMD and children
overboard and now his Nuremberg laws.

who cares if he'se a dictator. he'se far better than what Bush wants for Cuba. The people are far better off than they were under Batista and the Mafia.

Your crazy head up the ass of the cold war side of things also say theres only one legal party in Viet Nam too yet theres at least 9 parties. The old party of Ho has over 90% of the seats.... gee just like Castro,,, would be because the people know their lives
are better now than with the previous right wing dictators would it?

Heres the facts Jack. Cuba is far better off than any of the islands around it. people who flee Cuba and come to Florida are criminals and have no place in America. The 40 million Americans who have no health care would love to have Cuban care.

And here he is on the libertarian Liberal Democratic Party, who I tend to vote for (amusingly, Thom occasionally confuses them with the Democratic Labor Party):

is that the Linux Documentation Project or that fuckwit loony party that's the libertarians in disguise? Your the buttheads that want it all but don't want to pay taxes. I'll bet your a coward and never served in the military either. Your typical of people like Bush and Howard who dine at the table of freedom and get up and leave without paying the bill. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand an I know you guys hate responsibility.

you are a LDP liar but thats a skill you have to have to get into the party isn't it. Now we know why you loved Batista and the companies that worked Cubans into an early grave for pennies a day.

Grow up fuckwit and leave the DLP. P stands for coward pussies by the way, the L stands for liars and the D for dumbass. Your 19th century view of life is duely noted

No its not nor is public property which your assholes hate. You seem to think any one thats not a corporation has no rights. SIG HEIL!

And just think: this towering intellect was endorsed by The Greens as an election candidate.



Yes, it's the latest collection of Richard Neville non-sequiters.

He gives advice on what we should do with coalition servicemen:

Bring the troops back home.
Treat their incipient psychopathology.

Kinda what you expect from the swamphead who lists and as information sources.

I think he and Thom Lyons should sleep together.

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