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The Potent Green Fairies are back

I'll be damned: Absinth is now legal

Personally, I'd rather drink petrol, but I'm glad it's back. Gotta love anything which sends the health nazis into a tizzy.

Bashing Fatty Adams - the saga continues.........

This is getting fun: Professor Bunyip pummels Fatty Adams' juvenile hate-america hysteria (see my post below).

And that's not all: Got an e-mail from another aussie blogger about Fatty's latest idiocy. Turns out Phillip may have really fucked up big time with this latest column and will probably have some explaining to do. Hopefully, we'll hear more developments on this very soon.

See? I told you so

Fatty Adams: radio jock, writer and spineless hypocrite extraordinare

Back on the 18th of September, I posted this:

Aussie readers: be sure to listen to Late Night Live tomorrow night: as part of his current insane obsession with the evils of America, Adamski will be speaking to Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer. Going on Phillip's past embarrasing performances against Jeremy Rabkin and Daniel Pipes, Adams will ask idiotic questions, get intellectually beaten to a pulp, then make pissy little comments after his guest leaves.

My prediction proved spot-on: Krauthammer - whilst polite and witty - made mincemeat of Adams' juvenile questioning. Adams - whose intellectual prowess barely scrapes in at the level of "dullard" - was incapable of making any coherent argument in return, and has now - as I predicted - and as he always does, insulted his guest after the show. Today's column in The Australian is vintage Adams: childish anti-americanism: high on patronising "america is evil" whinging, anti-Krauthammer personal insults, and utterly devoid of any intellectual content.

Some selected quotes.....

A COLUMN I wrote in the aftermath of September 11 had me attacked by the froth-mouthed phalanx of right-wing pundits, the sound of whose fingers hitting the keyboard recalls the thud of approaching jackboots.

As expected, Washington is spiralling out of control - and Australia has as much to fear from its powerful friend as it does from its putative enemies.

In evidence, let me introduce you to the wonderfully christened Charles Krauthammer. It's a name worthy of Evelyn Waugh or Dickens. And it fits its owner like a glove. An iron glove containing, yes, an iron fist. For Krauthammer simultaneously evokes notions of a master race and massive blows to the anvil.

To describe Krauthammer as an apologist for the present regime does him a disservice. For Krauthammer never apologises. He is the most hawkish of the Bush chickenhawks.

In words as percussive as shell bursts, Krauthammer said the US is dominant not only militarily, economically and politically, but culturally.

(At this point, Krauthammer informed me that his wife is Australian, as though this would prove a comforting notion. My response was to wonder whether Mrs Krauthammer had much of a say in family matters. If it echoes the relationship between our respective nations, we should call in the marriage guidance counsellors.)

If Krauthammer seemed excessive, preposterous, self-parodic, the presidential statement that followed showed a power elite in deadly earnest.

As with Krauthammer's machinegun delivery, Bush's speech was as memorable for its bad manners as for its message.

Come back, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. All is forgiven. The future of the world is now in the hands of some very dumb people. Republican fundamentalists.

Aaron Oakley responded in The Australian's comments section:

What a steaming pile of manure.

How incredibly rich of Adams, throughout his life an apologist for assorted totalitarian regimes, to evoke "the thud of approaching jackboots" when describing the "phalanx of right-wing pundits" he criticises.

Adams bitter attack on Charles Krauthammer seems to be a result of Charles’ recent pounding of Adams into an intellectual pulp on Late Night Live.


Adams - who holds himself high as a flag-waver for sober humanist intellectualism - is naught but a relentless hypocrite, intellectual coward and moral degenerate. What a disgrace that this man is able to use taxpayer funds to spout his adolescent tantrums, and how incomprehensible that NewsCorp pays him to write this shit. Is this flea-brained Jabba the best the left in this country has to offer?