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Yeah.....THIS is gonna happen....(snerk)....

Some islamopenis sez the USA will be an islamic nation one day. What a fruitcake. Must be one of Amir Butler's mates.

I was born and raised here. This is my land. I'll raise my children here, Insha'allah and probably be buried here as well. I knew that by accepting Islam I was declaring that America needed to do so too. America, my home, would naturally become an Islamic country one day.

Talk about a deluded follower.....

Why Arabs lose wars

I found this fantastic article through Steve Sailer's site, which is well worth a look on it's own.

He's baaaaaack

Muslimpundit is back...sorta. He went missing for a few months, but he's returned to making semi-regular updates, all of which kick-ass big time. I've also restored him to the links list. This guy must have a backlog of fatwas piling up against his name......

Fine new OzBlog

Welcome Ken Parish, an academic in my auld hometown of Darwin. Good stuff abounds on his pages and is well worth a look..............

...and we have ourselves an idiot

Check out this sorry-ass Canadian wanker and his anti-USA rant.

Go get your ten-billionth burger, America. Fatten your already fat asses with bacteria-and-hormone-ridden meat and do nothing as you sit stupefied before your mind-numbing television sets awaiting the next episode of sad families being humiliated on "Cops."

I can't wait till Rottweiler and Cold Fury see this...... thanks to reader Gershom who sent me the link.

Common sense at last

The Australian Capital Territory has just become the first place in Australia to remove abortion from the criminal code. A glorious defeat for the god-squadders.

Miranda Devine warns of trendy faggot plague

Miranda Devine is a great example of why I'd never call myself a conservative. Conservatives spend their existence blithering from one "moral crisis" to the next, mumbling about the undermining of traditional values and generally making a mockery of their usual spiel about individual liberty & responsibility.

Her column in today's Sydney Morning Herald is classic jesus-freak gay-bashing paranoia, worthy of Fred Nile: "Gays write death notice for marriage". Nice suggestive title huh? (kinda evocative of all those Gypsies are takin' our horses and Them niggers are takin our women headlines, back in the good family-values christian days)

Miranda gets tangled up in some severely tortured logic and moralist hooey. She's outraged - for example - that the New York Times wedding page now has now carries notices of homosexual unions. The Horror!!!!

In that case, why not make the Obituaries page for dead people as well as almost-dead people? You could call it: "Deaths/Close Shaves". It makes as much sense.

Um, no it doesn't stupid. The equivalent would be to shows hetero/homo deaths on the same page, which of course they already do. And whaddaya know, society didn't collapse as a result.

Miranda then develops this grotesque thesis;

The fact is that the push for same-sex marriage is not about strengthening or enhancing the institution of marriage, as Greig claims. It is about destroying it.

Go fuck yourself, Eva Braun. Same-sex marriage is about two people in love being able to enjoy the same official union as a heterosexual couple. And where is this gay anti-hetero marriage movement? Who are its spokespeople? Where are their 95 theses nailed to the oh-so-vulnerable icon of hetereosexuality? Come on Miranda, give us some proof to back up your Vatican rhetoric.

Marriage, as the basis of the nuclear family, is the last bastion of bourgeois morality, to the eternal disgust of the intellectual classes.

And who exactly are these people who are "disgusted" by the institution of marriage? Have you actually seen or heard any? Go on, give us a link to some writings by this great movement of hetero-destroying faggot pervert bastards.

And what better way to destroy bourgeois morality than to destroy the institution that underpins it? And what better way to destroy that institution than to redefine it so broadly that it is rendered meaningless?

Conspiracy theories worthy of Lyndon LaRouche. Non-existent plots by non-existent hetero-hating gays warriors to underline the "concept" of marriage...which any hetero couple is still free to practice by the way. Miranda seems to be Hugh Mackay's evil twin sister: ideologically opposed, but every bit as clueless.

Exactly how marriage would be "destroyed" isn't exactly outlined here. I'm surprised she hasn't slipped in a "please, wont somebody think of the children!!!" cry already.

Why else would gays want to embrace an institution that stands for everything they reject - heterosexual commitment between a man and a woman, usually with the aim of producing children?

Where does she get this shit? The Ku Klux Klan Guide to Families? OK Miranda, read this nice and slowly: "gays" aren't trying to destroy families or stop hetero marriages. As for kids, hasn't she been following the gay adoption debate? Miranda's Festival-of-Light waffling seems to be contradicting itself: gays apparently "reject" the union of marriage, and here she is complaining that gays now want to be married. Well, which is it you dumbass?

I also wonder what Miranda's position is on gay adoption? I have little doubt she'd be horrified by that too, even though it would blow her idiotic "gays reject families and kids" argument sky high. Not that we should expect any logical consistency from this moralistic tart.

I'll spare you the next three paragraphs of nauseating fag-bashing paranoia.

Miranda - if you're going to write this shit, you at least have an obligation to provide some evidence for your bizarre homophobic rants. You can start with explaining how someone else's marriage can possibly have anything to do with your marriage. Who cares what a gay couple does? What the fuck business is it of yours anyway, you self-righteous preaching bimbo? If your marriage is somehow undermined by what another couple does, then I'd argue you have some serious emotional problems which have nothing to do with some shadowy gay plot, and a lot more to do with a serious insecurity complex and probably some majority repressed sexual impulses.

Get a life. Please.