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Christ almighty, he's getting worse

Richard Neville has posted his latest batch of psycho-jabberings, loosely based around the Bali massacre...

Sick of the Sound of My Own Voice
Journal of a Futurist, October 21, 2002

We're sick of it too. Why don't you try shutting up for a while?

Couple of paragraphs of meaningless babble before we get to the first Neville-gem:

Others chose this moment to settles scores. The thought police laid into the cosmic cartoonist, Michael Leunig, whose decades of quirky insights will remain pertinent long after their own leaden accusations have turned to dust. Last Xmas, Leunig had apparently played around in print with the notion that Osma bin Laden might actually be a human being, one even deserving of compassion. Such naked spiritual conjecture flies over the heads of our ASIO wannabe pundits, who build their careers on the distorted files they compile on their enemies.

Oh, lord protect us from the evil right-wing secret police who might actually be offended by the notion that a psychotic mass-murderer is a sweet huggy-bear needing of some love and attention.

Alternative Visions of War
Such types would have you believe the bombs in Kuta have blown away all possible objections to George W Bush’s War on Terror. Far from it. This ruthless mass murder of innocents confirms my oft expressed fears that the war on terror will beget more terror.

News dummy: the islamic psychos already want to exterminate us. They're not real interested in touchy-feely discussion forums. They need to be killed, and soon.

(See AmeriKa Psycho, Ocean Press).

No thanks. Reading your essays is torture enough.

To argue this point is not to brown nose Osama or suggest the West should send flowers to Muslim fanatics. Terrorism needs to be de-fused, not carpet bombed.

If a tenth of the energy the Whitehouse puts into its plans to control the destiny of Bagdad was spent crafting a fair minded peace resolution in the Middle East, most terrorists would call it a day.


Um, what? Richard, do you have any functional brain cells left? How the hell is blowing up a nightclub, full of Australians, in Bali related to Israelis & Palestinians? Muslim extremists don't want a settlement anywhere, they want to exterminate us. Get it?

The one ray of hope is the breathtaking grit of the Israeli refuse-niks, the soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories. “Our army’s policies create a hot bed of terrorism”, one of them said on Sunday night’s brilliant SBS doco, It Is No Dream. These brave souls are motivated not by ideology, but by their own eyes. They have seen soldiers commit murder, day after day. Apartheid is public policy. The press is supine. The Supreme Court has declined to rule on the policy of liquidations. This is a group that speaks the language of truth - the former victims are today’s victimisers. And so the cycle repeats. I doubt if there is a single Palestinian suicide bomber who has not lost a loved one by foul means.

Sigh. Yes, he actually wrote this shit.

A Perfect Date with the CIA
To escape the shock of the Bali bombs, my wife and I went to the movies. The shows we wanted to see were inconveniently timed, so we settled for the Bourne Identity, recommended by a normally reliable 13 year old girl, our daughter. Based on a story by Robert Ludlum, the Sydney Morning Herald extols it as the “perfect date movie”. Sure, if your date happens to be a homicidal maniac. What a hackneyed bloodbath of fisticuffs, shoot-outs, explosions and car chases. No, I’m not thrilled my daughter gets to see this stuff – it wasn’t even witty - but them I’m not the one bringing her up. US culture is.

Here we go, more of Richard's inexhaustible supply of mindless-american-culture-is-destroying-us-all whinging. He's apparently unfamiliar with concepts such as parental discipline and not spending money on stuff you don't like.

Richard is very big on american-movies-as-cultural-oppression conspiracy theories. Back when he was reviewing films for The Midday Show, he was able to come up with some absolute howlers, including;

1- the visual design of the alien in Alien3 was clearly meant as a "penis with teeth", in what was a clear AIDS allegory. One could have pointed out to Dicky-boy that the Alien was the same as the one designed for the first movie in 1979, before anyone has heard of AIDS, but this would probably send Neville into another deluded rant.

2- The commercial failure of the dull Dan Aykroyd comedy Coneheads was - for Richard at least - irrefutable evidence of a vast racist conspiracy against immigrants. Not this film sucked or this film was just like hundreds of other movies which flopped. No, Richard knows evidence showing Amerikkka at it's worst when he sees it.

However, the Bourne Identity is not entirely without interest. The movie’s portrait of the CIA is so vicious that even I find it over the top. Perhaps John Pilger was a script consultant. By now I suspect pirated copies are screening at Al Q’aida training camps, with a somber voice intoning, “these are the kind of terrorist thugs who are holding the world to ransom”. All CIA operatives are depicted as deranged serial killers who are happy to blow away innocent old ladies, fellow agents and the heads of African nations. Even if it was half true, a just government would freeze it funds and send its staff to Camp X-ray.

Richard is experiencing a rare moment of lucidity.

There’s a lot more to say about Bali, but I’m sick of the sound of my own voice. As a treat, let’s close with a strong voice from Asia. This comes from the New Straits Times , Malaysia, written by Rehman Rashid, whose puritan sentiments I reject. However, his fiery eloquence is educative:

He then goes on to quote some kook at length saying the Sari club was a den of western filth and decadence, etc. Neville sees such sludge as "educative" - meaning it's no wonder these chaps bombed this place.

It was so unnecessary an insult. The nightspots of Legian and Kuta are all jam-packed with a uniform crowd of foreigners and a spattering of their local associates. It did not sit well with those locals that the Sari Club - the slimiest, scuzziest, sleaziest dive of them all - practised such discrimination.

Oh dear. Such horror. Perfectly understandable some aggreived types would want to explode this gang of drunken young sluts and their wanton flesh-displays!

Then Dicky gets into a serious logical muddle.

This is not to say that those who planted the Kuta bombs were Balinese. They might have been outsiders who neither knew nor cared that they parked their Kijang outside the worst place in town.....

...It could have been sheer bad luck for the 500 people in and around the Sari Club in Kuta last Saturday night. If that particular place was specifically targeted, however, there may have been something personal in the choice.

Which would mean this may not have been the work of a global terrorist network, conspiracy or alliance, but a smaller, meaner act; an act of local vengeance. No doubt tapping the corrosive new resources of the global "War on Terrorism" for the material and gumption for mischief, but basically assailing local grievances.

The Bali bombings may be linked to global affairs only in that America's blunderous new war is giving every garden-variety thug, hoodlum, malcontent and troublemaker in the world an excuse to make trouble and blame it on the Americans, the Muslims, the Elders of Zion, Osama Bin Laden, corrupt politicians, capitalism, globalisation, drunken Caucasians in general or the bossa nova, for all they care.

It's called anarchy, and it is the antithesis of the global conspiracy of organised evil the American axis needs so badly to seek and destroy. While the Western alliance tilts at shadows, the real beast is abroad and feeding on the remains of governments.

Lordly, Richard's mind really is off chasing after some good pot somewhere. Here's the argument so far...

1- Terrorism is all the Americans' fault. Americans are psychos.

2- no wait, it's all the jews' fault too. If they'd capitulated to Arafat the Bali bombings would not have happened. (Hey, stop laughing)

3- no wait, it's not really the Americans' or the jews' fault, it's some local nutcase angered by evil western youngsters with their filthy ways

4- oh hang on, if the Bali massacre isn't the fault of the USA or Israel, that proves that they are responsible - those darned madmen are under the impression that a muslim extremist murdering hundreds of people is part of a worldwide terrorist problem. Those stupid yanks...will they ever learn?

5- hey, I like these nice yellow pills they're giving me. Why am I tied to the bed?


Bloggin' Ayn Rand

The chaps at Catallaxy and Hot Buttered Death are debating the merits of Ayn Rand.

Here's my contribution: I couldn't care less if Ayn Rand is racist or not. I've got a far better reason to ignore her: she's boring....... Atlas Shrugged is about as interesting as a pidgin translation of Das Kapital. Why the hell does anybody read the laborious crap this woman writes? Are some libertarian ideals supposed to make me overlook the turgid, excruciating prose? Who cares who fucking John Galt is?

Commie loons are back!

The latest edition of my fave crackpot rag Socialist Worker is out. Some highlights from this issue.....

- The government is murdering refugees
- The government's support of the USA is responsible for the Bali bombing and the public are against it! (Odd how anti-USA/Howard leftists approve of public opinion except when it supports an issue they don't like)
- The US spy base at Pine Gap must be closed because (get this) the intelligence gained there is used in US military operations. Gasp!!
- Refugees are all victims of capitalism. These bozos are never too concerned with the welfare of refugees from Cuba or North Korea. Funny that......
- This essay, about the wonders of the marxist tradition. A wonderful example of the seriously deluded bizarro world that these pathetic kooks inhabit.

The show resumes

Yes, I'm back from Phillip Island, where I generally just hung out, ate loads of very unhealthy crap, drank booze and watched the motorbike races.

Apologies to anyone who has sent e-mail in the last couple of weeks to which I have not yet replied. Be assured I have read every one and appreciated them all.

I'll put up some pics later, but for now, some brief trip notes.............

1: Victoria has more revenue collectors traffic cops than people
2: Unlikely Celebrity Spotting: Gene Simmons
3: Phillip Island is very windy
4: The left's reaction to Bali has been every bit as disgusting as I expected
5: Does New Zealand send all its idiots to Australia to annoy us?

Quote of the day

Phillip Island - the only place I've ever been where the wind blew in two different directions at the same time
- Dean Adams, AMA Superbike.com


The other OzBloggers have written pretty much everything that needs to be said on this issue, so I won't bother blogging on what's happened up until now.