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2002 Crackpot of The Year: Richard Neville

Ex-hippie, sadcase and general raving loon Richard (lets call him "Dick") Neville is back to blogging with his latest...erm....essay, titled "Maybe Dr Evil Isn't Who You Think". It's a masterpiece of conspiracy theory, ignorance, leftist paranoia and the best evidence yet that Dick's brain has enjoyed way too much chemical engorgement.

The essay (something about computer problems, Americans destroying the planet and our evil Prime Minister) is too long to tackle in full. Not that it matters, as these borderline-psychotic yelps are almost impossible to take out of context (there isn't any). Here are my favourites from this edition of classic Dick-isms....

One outcome of today’s Totalitarian Creep, is that imminent instrument of oppression, Total Information Awareness. An upside is that the Pentagon is likely to launch a lucrative sideline, Total Global Back-Up. Now that we’re citizens-without-rights in a looming American Empire and privacy is considered unpatriotic, we might at least get Total Data Protection.

On behalf of the readers, I say: huh???

Why should non US citizens be bullied by an uptight government in which they have no say? A regime which aspires to rule the world is one to bemoan, not congratulate.

You're right Dick: they were known as The Soviet Union, and the Americans killed them off good, much your chagrin no doubt...

Athens could have been the bread basket of Europe. Instead, the drudgery of grinding the corn was left to the slaves and not even philosophers cared about them. Slaves were non people. It was the same in the Roman empire, the British Empire and now the American Empire.

Slavery was abolished in the USA well over a century ago, Dick. Funnily enough, it still exists in a lot of those honest-to-goodness non-American countries you never criticise.

The innovations of the Greeks centred on intellectual liberation. The innovations of the West centre on weapons, toys and consumer products .

That would be because we're already intellectually liberated, Dick. This gives us the time to be productive and buy n' sell stuff.

Today’s Socrates would ask:

Socrates wouldn't have touched these questions for all the caramel inside your head, Dick.

• By what law, either moral or legal, is it okay for some nations to possess and sell weapons of mass destruction, while others cannot?

"Common Sense" would be my guess, Dick. It's the same reason the USA went to fight against Hitler and not Churchill (though Richard would have argued they both had naughty bombs and guns, so the English were as bad as the Nazis)

• It is no longer possible to turn a blind eye to global warming, the major impact of which will fall on the developing world. Australia and the US refuse to co-operate with the 100 plus signatories of Kyoto – by what right?

The right of people not to want their economy destroyed by lefty junk science while developing nations' "greenhouse sins" go unpunished.

• If the sea level rises in Bangladesh and millions of refugees head towards Oz, who will decide their fate? Those who caused it?

The Australian Government is responsible for rising sea levels?

• What is the difference between a bomber pilot and a suicide bomber, other than one is airborne, the other is braver & neither go to jail?

Yes, he really wrote this.

• If a Prime Minister who professes to be ethical is found to found to engage in serious deception and nepotism, as well as the condoning of his minister’s conflicts of interest, in what esteem should he be held?

Pretty high esteem if three election victories and current opinion polls are anything to go by.

• Over 3000 “suspected” al Qaeda members and “their supporters,” whatever that means, have been detained in secret locations outside the US since 9/11, without due process or legal representation. Torture is routinely inflicted, despite US Government crocodile condemnations.

Secret locations? Torture? This guy needs to see a doctor.

• When the Australian Minister of Immigration knowingly deports refugees to a land where death awaits them, why is he not charged with their murder?

Maybe because he didn't murder anybody.

My oft disputed claim that America’s plans to dominate the world at any cost is largely based on observation and inference.

Paranoia and stupidity more like.

Let’s ponder the implications of this policy, one of Pre-emptive Lifestyle Protection. If Australia invents a cheap, patented, ubiquitous source of clean energy which drives new kinds of engines and threatens Detroit, will Sydney be bombed?


If a Global Messiah emerges to popularise the practice of voluntary simplicity and the rejection of Hollywood, will he be liquidated by a robo-assassin?



If famished Africans refuse to consume GM modified mood, will they be left to starve?

Hard to see how this could be prevented if they refuse to eat.

Right on! Unleash the Predators. Send in the Special Forces. Lie to the world. Torture all suspects. Hurrah for Pre-emptive Lifestyle Protection. Tra la la la la..

Somebody needs his meds.

There are more popular loons (Moore) and more despicable ones (Pilger, Chomsky and 99% of Islamic websites), but for sheer, deranged bats-in-the-belfry ravings, Richard Neville is simply without peer.


Bill Whittle has a new essay up, guaranteed to make all the terminally insecure hate-America crowd froth at the mouth. I loved this bit....

And these feared and ruthless Americans, a people who had incinerated cities in Europe and Japan and whose ferocity and tenacity on island jungles and French beaches had brought fanatical warrior cultures to their knees – what did these new conquerors of the world do?

They went home is what they did. They did pause for a few years to rebuild the nations sworn to their destruction and the murder of their people. They carbon-copied their own system of government and enforced it on their most bitterly hated enemy, a people who have since given so much back to the world as a result of this generosity. They left troops in and sent huge sums of money to Europe to rebuild what they all knew would eventually become trading partners, but also determined competitors. Then they sent huge steel blades through their hard-earned fleets of ships and airplanes and came home to get on with their lives in peace and quiet.

Oh, and some of the islands they had visited had asked to remain under the American flag as territories and protectorates, free to leave whenever they choose.

If this is American tyranny, let there be more of it.

Top Wog

The Wogblogger is on a roll right now, with some top-shelf posts about illegal immigrant arsonists, the Windschuttle controversy, and Italian morons.

Blair vs. Moore

Tim Blair has a kick-ass review of Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine.

Lack of security at universities

Thanks to Zem at VigilantTV for the heads-up on this item....

I can already picture the inevitable moralist outrage that would accompany any person being excluded from certain fields of study as a result of their background. Sadly, for many people security will always play 2nd fiddle to not hurting anyone's feelings.

America yawns while the world doesn't really rebel

Pejman has some things to say.