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Socialism and Movies

If you ever need proof of how socialist thinkers are sorry, humourless nerds with no life, check out the movie reviews section of the World Socialist Website, written by a group of reviewers who really need to get laid. Where else would a film reviewer discuss Reaganism in a Mulholland Drive review?

There doesn't actually seem to be much about the actual movies, but there's certainly an abundance of painful agonized waffling about the the socialist spirit of humanity, warped by evil corporate conspiracies, and glossed over by the evil cabal of capitalist hollywood filmmakers. There is much outrage at every instance of a movie refusing to show the USA as the most evil country on earth.

The attitude pervails of a general hatred of anything resembling entertainment, which is of course capitalist, corrupt and blinds us from those important "intellectual" artistic works just waiting to bore everybody stupid but which are good for us.

Needless to say, one reviewer goes into a frothing hissy-fit over Animal Farm. And the essay on Lord of The Rings has to be the dullest piece of gibbering po-faced misery I've read in the movie journalism universe.

Oh, and for some unintentional laughs, check out the last paragraph in the review of The Siege.

Aaron Oakley vs. The Greens

The Good Doctor has surpassed himself here. (The permalink doesn't work so look for the post titled "Tackling the greens")

No doc, there's nothing unnatural here

Dave Sims at Clubbeaux has a wonderful before and after pictorial.

More fun Europe-bashing

George Will pummels European geopolitical hypocrisy. Superb.

Andrew Sullivan on anti-semitism in the "peace" movement

This is, quite simply the best essay I have read in a long time. You need to read the whole thing, but here's a teaser..

To single Israel out for condemnation and divestment, while ignoring all these others, is so self-evidently bizarre that it begs an obvious question. What are these anti-Israel fanatics really obsessed about? Where are the divestment campaigns for China or Zimbabwe?

The answer, I think, lies in the nature of part of today's left. It is fueled above all by resentment - resentment of the West's success, resentment of the freedom to trade, resentment of any person or country, like Israel or Britain or the U.S., that has enriched itself by means of freedom and hard work. Just look at Israel's amazing achievements in comparison with its neighbors: its vibrant civil society, its economic growth, its technological skill, its agricultural miracle. When you think about all Israel has achieved, it is no surprise that the resentful left despises it. So, for obvious reasons, do Israel's neighbors. If they had wanted, the Arab states could have made peace with Israel decades ago, and enriched themselves through trade and interaction. Instead, rather than emulate the Jewish state, they spent decade after decade trying to destroy it.


If you haven't read it yet.....

..check out Sasha Castel's takedown of pious dweeb Richard Goldstein's inept criticism of ex-leftie "neohawks".