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yeah, and those who don't like it can suck my non-existent dick!
- Cantinera


More on why Europe sucks

Brian at Samizdata has an observation.

A birthday

Tex snr. turned 71 today. Many happy returns laddie, and the hope that there are many, many more birthdays to come.

Utterly Essential Site of the Day....................

This is just one of the funniest muthafuckin' websites you'll see: Little Tiny Wit run by a bloke called Steve H. Check out some of his hysterical columns and the "news" section.

I'm not kidding, this fella is a good a writer as Lileks.

Steve on motorcycles;

A motorcycle may look a lot like a bicycle with a gas tank, but in reality, there are subtle differences. Such as the fact that a typical sportbike does 0-60 in under three seconds. And if you really have a death wish, you can go to your dealer's showroom, hand over a check for ten grand, and buy a machine that will finish the quarter-mile about a hundred yards ahead of a Ferrari.

And people buy these things for their CHILDREN. Why do we argue all the time about whether it's okay to have an abortion? Wait until the kid turns sixteen and buy him a Yamaha. You see them all the time here in Miami, riding around in cutoffs and beach sandals. The cops call beach sandals "Cuban motorcycle boots."

Steve on american beer;

Since starting this site, I've remembered the days of my twisted youth, when I dreamed of traveling the world as the Apostle of Hops, drinking myself silly in the great beer towns of the world, waking in their gutters, and penning beery screeds intended to connect the dots between bad American beer and the same sickness of heart that resulted in dumbed-down cartoons, slow cars, gun control, and Jimmy Carter.

Real beer is made from barley. Generally. You can also make it with wheat. I'm sure that if you look around hard enough, you can find legitimate, quality beer made from almost anything, but bizarre niche brews aside, good beer does not contain corn or rice. The things Budweiser and all the other big-money American beers are made from.

Eventually, bean counters made their way into the beer industry like beer-souring bacteria infiltrating a tank of fermenting wort, and they realized two things: 1) you can make beer cheaper if you use crappy ingredients, and 2) the American public will drink raw sewage if you pimp it during football games.

People always talk about "the American public" as if it were some kind of slack-jawed, Guess-wearing brain trust. Politicians, many of whom got started as jury-ass-kissing trial lawyers, are always on TV saying "The American Public is too smart for THIS," and "The American Public is too smart for THAT." Well, guess what? If the American Public were a person, it would have to sleep in a bed with rails, wearing a hockey helmet. The American Public is the same bunch of goofs who made Jerry Springer rich and re-elected Bill Clinton.

Go read everything on the site, right now.

Thanks to John B. of Florida for the heads-up.