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Shocking news: a German says "screw having fun, there's work to do"

Well really, whatever happened to the relaxed, carefree Germany we've all come to love?

New link

Zem is kinda like a live newsfeed with the dull stuff cut out. An interesting "blog" to scan on a regular basis.

Vampires, guns, blood and other fun stuff

Watched the DVD of Blade 2 on my big-ass home theatre screen last night. And whaddaya know, it was a darned fine effort. Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of teenage actioners, martial arts shite and whatnot, and most comic book adaptions suck walrus dick.

This film worked because it was focused, to the point, and (praise gawwwd) they didn't camp it up. The production design and atmospherics were truly superb, going for a slightly more "old euro-goth" feel than the techno-steel look of the first film.

Just combat scenes, stunning visuals and some unusually clever plotting for this genre of film (though overall still extremely low on logic). No tedious romance shit or "meaningful themes" either. Only real downside was the often atrocious soundtrack, with some jarringly out-of-place techno-rap junk. Sounded like Mortal Kombat discards.

Oh, and Nyssa is a babe.

And hey, how can you resist a move with Ron Perlman as the head of the bad-ass vampire gang?

Not to mention the amusing cultural oddness of former wimp-teen-popster Luke Goss as the head of the mutant Reapers. Even stranger is that he does a good job.

On the extras side, this DVD actually has an interesting making-of doco that for once doesn't seem like a piece of sanitised mush. And director Guillermo Del Toro makes a damned amusing interview subject. Quite a few deleted scenes and other behind-the-scenes stuff.

Overall, if you liked the original, you're really gonna like this one. All the action of the first (though some of the fights dragged), with stunning production values, genuinely great FX, and a much creepier atmosphere.

Darned good fun, and a fine DVD.

The Sage on the whole Islamonazi Pork Fat thingy....

Regular reader Sage McLaughlin has some thoughts on these matters...

Noticed your remark about wrapping dead terrorists from the Religion of Submission in dead pig. It would probably work, except for one thing.

Right now Muslims in the Middle East face a crisis of credibility within their faith. There is a widespread suspicion that Allah might not actually give a shit about them, that the Koran might be a pack of lies, and so on. This is because they currently occupy the bottom rung of the civilizational ladder, except for Sudanese slave traders, who after all have the Religion of Submission to thank for their depravity as well. When you combine this with the fact that the Jews have managed to hand them their own steaming entrails on a hot plate five different times in fifty years, the notion of worldwide submission to Allah looks like a dim prospect.

This latest jihad is, at bottom, a last desperate attempt to prove that Allah really is on their side, the gods really do smile on their religion, and that they are the harbingers of the Ultimate Holy Truth. Their entire faith depends on this being the case (Christ, meanwhile, promised his followers that they would be scorned and persecuted, like the Jews before them, and that they could not expect to have their reward on earth, so the worse things get for Christians the more vindicated they feel).

So the only thing that is going to stop this latest round of bloodshed from the Religion of Submission is total, apocalyptic defeat and final humiliation on the field of battle. Followed by a good kick of bloody sand in the face. That will be the ultimate repudiation of their insane belief that Allah's will can be demonstrated by total Muslim conquest of the West, and the eradication of all other forms of civil life. Then, perhaps, with no other options, the Religion of Submission can finally reform itself and learn to play well with others.

By the way, I call it the Religion of Submission because Islam, properly translated, means "submission," not "peace," and absolutely everything is in that difference. It reflects what they wish for everyone else, and it also
reflects what is going to be visited upon them, at least in the Arab world, if this course is not corrected. So submission is what they plan to dish out, but in fact I predict submission is what they will be learning a hell of a lot about in the coming years.

They sure will....they can count on it.