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18 December 2003

A bad time for Dick

I've been keen to see Richard Neville's reaction to Saddam's capture, and as expected, he's gone berzerk;

The three hit men from the West

Hooray Hooray, the Frankensteins of the West have finally captured the monster of their own creation, the monster that has cost so much to the people of Iraq, and who, even as a forlorn trophy, will incite more bloodshed. Saddam’s extinguishment will brighten the lights of Christmas trees in Washington and Westminster, despite the plumes of pillage, terror & war swirling through the world as the season of merriment approaches. Kill, torture, rip-off, humiliate – this is one of the themes of Christianity 2003, as the three leading liars of the Coalition, George W Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard sink into the delusional torpor of their fundamentalist Christian pud, appropriately laced with pieces of silver.

We can see how Richard is still seen as an "intellectual" by the Radio National crowd. Cue some typically Neville-ish non-sequiters:

Is the General Bonkers? Does Satan wear a Turban?

Can you catch a falling bathtub? Or carry moonbeams home in your penis?

Later, Richard tells of his remarkable discovery: bullets can hurt people.

Take this cute little stocking filler from Texas, an intelligent bullet, which penetrates steel and concrete, yet does not exit from a human torso. Instead, it “effectively explodes inside the body, ravaging tissue in all directions, creating untreatable wounds”.

Amazing stuff. Bullets you say? I think I saw them once on Zionist American TV.

Maybe I'm being too critical of Dick. He finally asks an important question;

Why Am I Wasting My Breath?

Which he answers by wasting more breath;

In the intelligence industry, the WMD claims were widely regarded as bogus, even by Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, as revealed in the John Pilger documentary, Breaking the Silence.

Ah, such an authoritative source. He also quotes those notable indepedent thinkers and

Oh, get a load of this;

Opposing the invasion was not about tolerating for the crimes of Saddam. It was about protecting the lives of Iraqis, about upholding the language of truth.

Protecting the lives of Iraqis? By keeping Saddam in power? A humanitarian strategy worthy of an Obergruppenfuhrer.

And to finish, Crazy Dick offers us this.

No matter how you look at it – the US army doesn’t – it adds up to a lot of blood. More blood than ever filled the swimming pools of Saddam Hussein.

Quite right, all that blood never made it to Saddam's swimming pools, he preferred to keep it in mass graves.

Loser alert

The mullets at aren't too happy about Saddam being captured either.

Let's start with election conspiracies:

Lets hope that there isnt a re-election in his scopes now because of this. im sure Georgie Bushie certainly has one in his sights now. :-\.

I don't think they can have an election on the leader's whim in the US of A... unlike Australia.

and "Bush is terrified"-isms:

I don't think the White House will be too happy with the tropps who captured him then kept him alive. Would have been far more convenient for him to be dead.

That can be arranged... inevitable IMHO, lots of people don't want to hear the truth from Saddam. Or rather, they don't want US to hear the truth from Saddam.

'Crushing dissent' whinging:

Considering the US totally control all the media in Iraq at the mo' so we aren't gonna' hear anything they don't orchestrate!

Some complaining about the americans not firing any bullets in Saddam's capture: WAS unusually disciplined... usually they fire off 10000 rounds of ammo and shoot several people passing by...

Some bizarre ranting about Reagan and Hollywood:

the Rambo sequels were partly funded by the Reagan govt's
policy of subsidising patriotic output by the entertainment industry. Saddam
was partly funded by the Reagan gov't policy of subsidising everyone who was
perceived as keeping their enemies busy.

Rambo always won. Rambo was subsidised by the US government. Ergo, since
Saddam was also subsidised by the US government, he would also always win.

Yeah, I reckon he should've shot it out, too...

..and of course, an "americans are cowards" rant:

600 troops required to go collect a 66 year old man hiding in a hole in a farmhouse.... how brave of them... and how disappointing it must have been for those 600 soldiers who joined up so they could play with guns and never got to fire a single round at their arch nemesis... they're probably feeling like they should have just stayed home and waited a couple of weeks for the Playstation game to be released.

A collection of great minds here folks.

America is the greatest force for good on this planet

This should piss off a lot of wankers: Dennis Prager's list of truth. Some of my favourite excerpts:

America is the greatest force for good on the planet.....If it were up to the U.N. or the EU, or the editorial boards of most major American newspapers, Saddam would still be happily making palaces for himself and torture dungeons for his people.

No Muslim or Arab country lifted a finger to help the Iraqi people. [Why would they? There are no Jews to be killed there]

Not everyone is happy about Saddam's capture. Palestinians, for example, are weeping. Saddam was their hero. Iraqis were forced to march with his posters, but Palestinians did so voluntarily. Many on the Left are also not particularly happy. Saddam's capture is a victory for American force and for George W. Bush, and the Left hates both more than it hates Saddam.

Most of the Left does not hate evil; hatred of evil is primarily found on the Right.

The reason the president is shaping history is that he has as strong a set of beliefs -- in America's moral mission and in Judeo-Christian religious values -- as those he is fighting. Those who hold bad beliefs can only be defeated by those have equally strong good beliefs.

Via LGF.

Another list of Tex Truth

1: The USA saved the world from communism.

2: Every problem in the middle-east is the fault of muslims.

3: Pumpkin is shit.

4: Law & Order is the best one-hour show in the history of TV.

5: American beer is shit.

6: Only fried potatos are edible, all other potato permutations are unacceptable.

7: Intellectuals who supported any socialist regime are no better than nazi sympathisers.

8: People who vote for Bob Brown are losers.

9: Americans are better at making movies than any other nation.

10: Guns are fun. More people should buy guns and go hunting.

11: Public transport sucks. You ever noticed how public transport advocates never use it themselves? Trains and buses are mobile, taxpayer-funded urinals, nothing more. There's a reason people buy cars. You can go where you want, when you want, and don't have to sit next to stinky freaks.

Tex rules the world

Hey, I scored myself some Soviet property! Woo!!

I always knew my communist sympathies would pay off.


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