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19 December 2004


I've been farting around with firewalls, spyware and updating my anti-virus software this week, which in addition to some ISP hassles has kept me away from blogging.

No doubt you are thrilled at my return.



1: Why don't most advocates of public transport actually use it themselves?

2: Why do most people who criticise Prez Bush for his supposed "low IQ" believe everything Michael Moore says?

3: Why do most people who support the Iraqi "resistance" blame the Americans for not stopping the violence caused by the resistance?

4: If Israel really is a "Nazi state", why aren't all the Arabs dead yet? The IDF could wipe out the entire muslim population of the middle east in weeks if they wanted to.

5: Why do most lefties have such contempt for the electorate?

6: If John Pilger is right, and the mainstream media is "too scared" to hear what he has to say, why does the whinging loser keep getting interviewed?


A love letter from Joe Vialls

I was delighted to see this in my inbox this morning:

Now let me see if I have this right:

You were brainwashed by ANU, have never done a proper job, know nothing about the outside world, and were finally taken in by ANU again when no one else [understandably] wanted you.

Get a life, do some travelling, and open your eyes.

Joe says this as a man currently living off the public tit himself. He's apparently a "disabled former combat veteran". If that's true, I'd like to buy a beer for whoever shot him.

Besides Joe, I worked in a non-government owned cafe for seven years. Is that not a 'real job'? I've also travelled to six other countries. How about you?

Joe didn't answer my questions as to when some of his brilliant predictions would actually come true, or what evidence he had for some of his more "interesting" theories. These have included:

- The Sari Club bombing in bali was a "mini nuke" planted by the Israelis.
- The Australian embassy in Jakarta was "nuked".
- The massacre at the school in Beslan was done by "Zionists from Wall Street".
- A fearsome alliance between Iran & Iraq is going to "destroy Israel and the USA" with their fearsome array of "attack jets".
- The guy they caught in Iraq last December wasn't Saddam Hussein.
- Seoul is arranging a nuclear attack on Hawaii.
- The Nicholas Berg murder on video was committed by Jews.
- The train accident in Ryongchong, North Korea was in fact a nuclear strike by "Zionists".
- Jews are planning to turn Miami into a fortress city of Zion.
- The Madrid train bombings were committed by Israel.
- Israel is going to invade America.
- Vladamir Putin is going to nuke Israel.
- "Arab attack jets" are going to destroy Israel.
- The Port Arthur massacre was organised by Israel.
- Cyclone Zoe was in fact a new-age "Weather Warfare" weapon. Invented by Jews of course.
- the USA and Israel are conducting mass mind-control via satellite.
- Israel is conducting "subliminal warfare" by using TV images in the USA.

I'm waiting for your answers Joe. You know where to find me.


Bugs & other scoots

Today I visited a brand new scooter dealership: 'Moto One' in Mitchell.

A charming little husband-n-wife effort, Moto One had a good range of Peugot and Bug scooters on display, and the couple were very friendly and chatty. I hope they succeed. Motorini certainly seem to be doing well. There's room in Canberra for two specialist scooter dealers.

Bugs are manufactured in Taiwan, seem well-built and are incredibly cheap compared to the Italian and Japanese competition.

This little gem, the Bug Espresso, is a 150cc four-stroke available at less than $4800 on-the-road and comes with a free topbox. The equivalent Vespa is around $6500.

The dealer let me have a brief ride of his wife's Espresso around the car park. It's light, very comfy, has easy-to-use controls. Wasn't really enough of a ride to evaluate the engine or brakes, but they seemed ok in the limited test I gave them.

This scoot will be going on my shortlist of cheap runabouts to grab next year.

They also had one of these tasty little 2-stroke sport-scooters: the Peugeot Speedfight

Only 100cc, but a 'stroker has more oopmh than a 4-stroke, and it has some trick chassis parts.

Yes, I know it's French. Shaddup already.

The scoot I'd love most of all is the Italjet Dragster, which ceased production after the EU brought in tougher emission requirements.

This pocket rocket featured proper sports suspension and a lively 180cc 2-stroke engine. The Dragster is pretty much regarded as one of the most fun two-wheelers ever built. Even the power-nutters at Performance Bikes magazine featured this little scoot in their y2k "bike of the year" video. It wasn't one of the contenders, but there was lot of footage of them doing wheelies on the thing.

There's a bunch of them available on the 2nd-hand market. I may shop around for one next year.

Or if I'm very lucky, I may find an Italjet Formula 125....

I saw one of these in traffic today. Tasty piece of kit. Like the Dragster, the Formula 125 is a full-on 2-stroke sports scooter. The 125 however is the only twin-cylinder 2-stroker of recent years.

The best part about sports scooters is the fun you can have customising them. There are tons of performance kits available. Race exhausts, suspension kits, even - believe it or not - nitrus oxide boosters.

Scooters rock. I really will have to get myself one......


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