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Live Whacking Permalink Archive
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16 February 2003

Something wrong with this picture?

How much lower can this bastard stoop?

The increasingly creepy Richard Neville has posted this picture - supposedly of the bombing of the Baghdad suburb of Shua’le - with the caption "9,500 Iraqi civilians killed; John Howard has 'no regrets'":

Richard used these awful images to accompany some emotive blubber:

The Pentagon maintained that the blast must have been caused by Iraqi anti aircraft fire, while the locals said they saw an American plane overhead and a sliver of silver. Fisk managed to get his hands on a smoldering fragment of the bomb, which displayed a 12 digit serial number, as well as another number, ending 96214. Fisk published these codes in his UK newspaper, The Independent, available Online. Hours later, the citizens of the net had sourced this missile to a plant in McKinney, Texas.


This plant is owned by the one of the world’s biggest arms suppliers, and a favourite of own Defence Force, Raytheon.


With another click of the mouse, I discovered that one week after the superior solution was dished out to the people of Shuale, the then chairman & CEO of Raytheon, Daniel P Burnham was actually in Canberra, Australia, where he addressed the National Press Club.


As far as I can ascertain, during the question time, not one member the Press Club audience was discourteous enough to ask the Chairman of Raytheon how he felt about the accuracy of missile 96214.

A pity noone has yet asked Richard about the accuracy of the picture he used with this story.

I remembered seeing this picture before: the child on the left is an Israeli, who was badly injured when some Palestinian scumbag blew up a bus in Jerusalem. One of a long line of similar atrocities Richard has little interest in, except where the pics of Jewish victims of Islamic terror can be used as fake pictures of American terror.

What was that about American propaganda?

More........... Richard Neville discovers "the internet"

Other than faked-up photo montages, Dick gives us another unhinged essay, encompassing the evils of inhuman telephony services, and Richard finally becoming aware of the existence of this thing called The Internet:

Some time later my wife returned from the journey a changed woman, realising that her identity was no longer confined to a single location … or nation, or category. She had become postmodern woman. Her writings, her name, her reputation, she realised, all floated around in cyberspace, unbounded. Her sense of self had suddenly become globalised. She was now a citizen of the net.

And all us of here tonight, are we too citizens of the net? Sure we are. But what kind of citizens? Are we passive… and inert, part of a vast sleepwalking target market, or are we active, globalised and engaged?

Most of us are sane people with a PC and a telephone line.

Richard goes on to tell us why this internet thing is really, really important, by linking it with the stinky "we hate capitalism and democracy"-fest in Bombay.

The reason I flew off to Bombay at short notice and at some cost, was to attend what turned out to be one of the most amazing events of my life. It was like a world music Woodstock without the mud, and the Nimbin Aquarius Festival without the pot.

In other words, being surrounded by ugly hippies without loud music or pot to ease the pain. Sweet Jesus.

This vast hothouse of dissent & social justice dreaming hit the headlines in the Times of India, and sparked debates on Asian TV. Let’s conduct a little test. How many of you here have ever heard of the World Social Forum? Let’s see a show of hands. (In an audience of 400, about a dozen hands are raised.)

An odd question to ask his audience, seeing as he can't stop talking about it.

How many of you have heard of another event , which took place at the same time - the World Economic Forum at Davos? (A 90% show of hands).

Er, I hadn't actually.

Even though this event attracts less of a crowd and fewer original thinkers & social reformers...

(They were people with jobs then)

....your raised hands are a sign of the times. It confirms the triumph of economic man, homo economistus, who now stands proud on top of the rubble of a world at war, a world reeling from social injustice and one in the throes of an eco calamity.

A world with now fewer tyrants, less poverty, a non-greenhouse climate and more wealth than at any time in history. Richard liked it better when the Soviets were killing everyone with their peaceful, non-corrupt culture of conquest.

In the West, the World Economic Forum is front page news, day after day, while the World Social Forum is barely a footnote.

Front page news?

Is this Australia in the 21st century - so multicultural in the food halls, so myopic in its global vision?

Somone can't tell the difference between knowing something is there, and actually caring about it.

Out in the big wide world, there’s actually something shifting in the wind, a new mood pushing at the edge of our awareness. What could it be?

My guess is, we can smell all the Forum-goers coming home from Bombay. Why couldn't you have stayed there if you were so damned happy?

Richard lets us know how ignorant and stupid we all are, and why we really need this internet thing:

So how come the global sample of Social Forum awareness is so much out of kilter with the awareness of it in this group? A minute ago you were all riding high, imaging yourself to be worldly wise & informed citizens served well by your media – but no – a huge event of global significance passed you by, glued as you are to the information systems controlled by homo economistus, our non diverse and highly homogenised corporate media.

Or maybe, just maybe, few of us care about a bunch of brain-dead, whinging dorks who want us all to live in the forest and make love to ferns.

Dear Richard, get this through you fucking head, once and for all:

We have not been deprived of your wonderful societal vision through censorship, or the Nazi Howard government, or the Americans, or McDonalds, or the nasty capitalist media.

There is no vicious cabal trying to squish your dissent. We are not brainwashed.

We know where to look for the lunacy and lies you and your deranged ilk are peddling. We can go read Indymedia, we can buy John Pilger's books, we can read Michael Moore, we can read your website. And that Internet thing you've just discovered which will lead to our intellectual awakening? We've been using it for a decade.


Get it?


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