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21 February 2005

Quote of the day

Rather than let them alarm you, ask yourself this: do you think people who can't tell you whether it will rain next Wednesday are really capable of building models that tell you what the climate will be like 100 years from now?

- Alan Wood, in The Australian


Ambassador Duke has left the building

Hunter S. Thompson is dead.

In his lucid moments, he could be a great writer. Unfortunately, these were few and far between. Sad it had to end the way it did.



I'll get this out of the way right now: Currency Lad was right: Collateral rocks.

The best thriller to come out of Hollywood in years. You've probably all heard about the plot. What I can tell you is just why it's so damned good.

The performances are knockouts. A never-better Tom Cruise shines as the killer-for-hire Vincent, while Jamie Foxx is the real star as the repressed-soul cabbie, Max. It's the best acting performance I've seen in a movie in ages.

While these two leads are the core of the film, other performances are memorable despite limited screen time: Jada Pinkett-Smith as a prosecutor, Mark Ruffalo as the narcotics detective who slowly figures out what is happening. Javier Bardem as the cultured, sinister drug lord. Best of all the smaller roles is Barry Shabaka Henley as the jazz club owner, who shares a gorgeous scene with Cruise and Foxx.

The beautiful nightime photography and music create an entrancing atmosphere which lends itself to both character development and action sequences. It also heralds a landmark milestone in movie making: for the first time, digital video looks sensational.

The narrative, despite an overall b-movie plot structure, is a triumph. The action and suspense slowly builds towards the movie's extended climax, yet the thrills never come at the expense of character. There are so many small moments of sublime acting, particularly from Foxx, you really savour every scene. Action scenes are not telegraphed by crap music, and often unfold in ways you wouldn't expect. The whole movie just feels way above the norm in almost every aspect, even when it strays into familiar territory. This aint no quickly-forgotten Saturday-night testosterone thriller.

Director Michel Mann is absolutely on-form here. One of the few directors who can create genuinely intelligent works which appeal both to the auteur crowd, as well as the popcorn-chewing seat-fillers. When he fires (Heat, The Insider and this one), there isn't a better director on the planet.

Collateral proves that a movie can be both a great work of art, and sensational, knockout entertainment at the same time.

This you gotta see.


Not for kids

If you've never seen this show, check it out:

Be warned though, it's a little.......disturbing.


Yobbo, this one's for you

Something from a recent motorcycle expo:

Time to take up motorcycling, eh Sam?


Little Green Adolfs

Yep, there's nothing the Green Left Weekly loves as much as an ideologically correct mass-murderer.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was murdered on October 9, 1967 — shot in the head by a Bolivian soldier in the presence of the CIA. When the world’s powerful cheered the brutal murder of the anti-imperialist and revolutionary socialist fighter, they hadn't considered that his murder would transform Che into a symbol of the global struggle against injustice. Since then his ideas and example have inspired countless others to join the struggle. Nowhere is this more clear now than in Venezuela.

How wonderful. The arse-rimming continues...

A central leader of the Cuban revolution, Che fought for the liberation of the oppressed, poverty stricken and exploited for the rest of his life. He opposed the Vietnam War, and supported the civil rights movement in the United States.

That's nice lads. As I recall he also called for the entire population of Cuba & the USA to be exterminated in a nuclear war, murdered a bunch of peasants, and set up Cuba's secret police and detention system which imprisons political opponents and homosexuals.

If the Green Left were around in WW2, it easy to guess which world leader they would have looked up to. Hitler, after all, met every criteria to be supported by them:

- nutty environmentalist beliefs
- centrally-controlled economy
- anti-democratic
- promised to get rid of the "Jewish lobby"
- party control of media and public assembly
- gun control

Yep. The Green Left are cissy, unarmed heirs to the Nazi party. You think it an unfair comparison? Then explain to me why.


Elsewhere at Little Green Adolfs

- the greenies are whinging about the government's plans to end compulsory student unionism:

We believe that the government has no right to interfere in how students organise on campus. How could an anti-student government be trusted with any decision on behalf of students, let alone how we choose to fight its rightwing agenda!


Nelson’s rhetoric about future choices in universities really means a choice between a degree in corporate propaganda at McUniversity or warfare engineering at the Halliburton Institute of Technology.

The Little Green Adolfs see no contradiction between student choice and enforced unionism. Commies, as always, know what's good for everyone else.

- a reprint of an old interview with the Nation of Islam race-kook Malcolm X, in which he gives us this brilliant predicition:

It is impossible for capitalism to survive, primarily because the system of capitalism needs some blood to suck.


It's only a matter of time in my opinion before it will collapse completely.

Note: this interview is from 1965.

Hmmm, maybe it really is going according to plan, and Malcolm X thought Elijah Muhammad's Spaceship was about to bring capitalism to its knees.

- some charming poetry about Iraqis:

Bomb me humanly
Terrorise me with democracy
Mcdonaldise me when I hunger.

Being 'terrorised' by democracy and being fed with actual food. Will the horrors of American occupation never cease?


Science, Islamic-style

Alan E. Brain brings us this fascinating piece of scientific reasoning from the Arab world.

When, oh when, will this psychotic religion join the rest of humanity in the 21st century?

(PS. Alan, you up for a cheap Asian lunch in Dickson?)


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