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2 February 2005

The world makes no sense whatsoever

Some people are actually complaining about Sandra Sully's boobs???


Random opinions

Kylie Minogue is not sexy. I really don't see the attraction of skinny, bony-faced, plastic-surgery mannequins like her.

Other supposedly beautiful women who are completely unattractive: Elizabeth Hurley, Pamela Anderson, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz.

Some countries I have no interest whatsoever in visiting: Russia, every African nation, Columbia, Sweden, Holland, Greece, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, Ireland.

Frank Sinatra couldn't sing his way out of a shithouse.

John Wayne couldn't act his way out of a shithouse.

Forrest Gump was git crap.

Julia Stiles has a lot of class.

The current Australian cricket team would have convincingly beaten the West Indies team of the 80's.

There is no freedom without capitalism.

There is no moral difference between socialism and nazism.


Fuzzy, feelgood moment

I've always hated dogs. Hated them. Ugly, dirty, shitting, pissing, farting machines. I would have exterminated every dog on earth with nary a thought.

Over the last year however, I have developed a weakness for cute little puppies, particularly corgis and these ones;



How could you not love these gorgeous little fellows?

(Many more brilliant puppy pictures at Shake A Paw)


The Date From Hell

Emily Jones meets Dickhead.

Luckily, her suffering makes for great reading.

I actually met Ms. Jones once. We went out for beer & food at Hermosa Beach, where I impressed her with such observations as "LA is cool" and "hey, there's a plane taking off!".

She was amused by my David Hasselhoff story though.


"Homer, your idea of a donut-shaped universe intrigues me"

Since recovering from his Zionist caused flu (about which we are promised an essay soon), Joe Vialls has been very prolific. He's already got his next essay up: Bye, Bye Bye Boeing Bye Bye. To save my dear readers a migraine, I'll summarise it for you:

- Joe is very, very excited about the new Airbus A380. It is a masterpiece of Europeans genius which has left the USA in the stone age.

- Boeing (like everything else) is run by The Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy.

- Charles De Gualle turned France into a mighty power which will destroy the arrogant Americans with their mighty space-age Mirage fighters.

- The Zionist Boeing Corporation tried to assassinate Jacques Chirac. didn't hear about this? Me niether. Remember the Concorde crash in Paris in 2000? This was apparently a Jewish attempt to assassinate Chirac and derail the Airbus A380 project.

- Remember the collapse of the Airbus terminals in Dubai and Paris? This was also a Jew Boeing attempt to derail the Airbus A380 project.

- The USA economy is collapsing and the Europeans and Chinese will rule the earth, with their space-age Death Jets and powerful currencies.

- The Boeing Jews (who are capable of launching mini-nuke attacks in muslim countries and causing Tsunamis, yet are strangely incapable of shooting a French president or destroying an airplane prototype) were so terrified by European Aeronautical Superiority that they "sent Beoing off" to create the 7E7 Dreamliner. This was an Evil Jew attempt to con money out of investors.

- The US economy is about to collapse, because the Russians (who haven't yet nuked Israel as Joe predicted) and Arabs will use the Euro as the world's "reserve currency". Boeing is about to collapse too.

Joe's concluding paragraph:

It is no exaggeration to say that Boeing is the 'flagship' of the American defense industry, and if Boeing goes to the wall, so will everyone else. No more aircraft carriers, no more stealth bombers, and no more attacking overseas sovereign nations in the sacred name of New York Zionist 'Democracy'. Perhaps none of this would have happened at all, if certain certifiable maniacs had resisted the temptation to try and assassinate the French President back on 25 July 2000. Food for thought.

Somebody is up to his eyebrows in pharmaceutical refreshment.


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