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8 February 2005

More on that whole Zionist Conspiracy thing......

Ren Hoëk Joe Vialls has posted part two of his "Zionists flee USA and make a new Israel in Tasmania" essay.

Part two contains.....

  • some raving about General Douglas MacArthur
  • Australia is secretly governed by New York Jews, who send secret orders to Australian PMs (and American Presidents)
  • The Jews were behind the appointment of Tasmanian governor Richard Butler, who was placed there so noone would interfere with the Zionist "Project Ark"
  • Richard Butler was kicked out after the Zionists' plans were discovered

OK, now here comes the really juicy stuff.......

Next week: Joe reveals the secret, ruthless leader of the Zionist World Government.....

The Zionist Cabal was terrified of the fearsome opposition leader Mark Latham:

Latham was obviously a clear and present danger to the smooth Zionist day-to-day running of Australia, and an extreme danger to Project Ark. There was little doubt that this man would not easily tolerate a gang of Zionist war criminals pack raping the children of Tasmania, and he therefore had to go before they started to arrive.

So what did the Zionists do about the fearless Latham? They threatened to kill his family:

Eventually a very shaken Mark Latham made the shortest speech of his life to the media (3 minutes), in which he explaiined that he would be leaving politics forever. And despite the shortness of his speech, Mr Latham nevertheless twice managed to mention "the security of my family", which suddenly appeared to be of great concern to him.

Of course, under normal circumstances Mark Latham could simply have returned to the back benches on a fat salary of more than $100,000 per annum, but that was simply too close for Zionist comfort. THere is no doubt in the author's mind that Latham was given the usual Zionist choice: "Give up your job, or we will kill your family."

The Zionist cabal then elected Kim Beazley, who is in their pocket, all to make sure Project Ark runs smoothly. And that's not all:

It is of course obvious to a blind man that a bunch of weaklings like Wolfowitz, Perle, Sharon, Bush and others could not possible survive in Tasmania without copious numbers of Mistaravim minders and bodyguards. One look at the picture above should convince you that without a constant cordon of armed killers around him, Ariel Sharon would have been disemboweled years ago by an outraged Palestinian six-year-old wielding a box cutter.

Clearly the Mistaravim heavies would not be allowed seats on the prestigious Boeing Arks from America, so a more direct route from their training grounds in Palestine had to be arranged in advance, but without rousing undue Australian suspicion. The plan was (and is) for them to arrive in Australia in civilian clothes on legitimate visas, then migrate down to Tasmania in time to pick up their weapons from the docks in Hobart.

This was arranged quite cleverly in March of 2004, when Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer sallied for to Tel Aviv to receive his latest instructions from the Zionist hobby farm. In a nutshell he invited all "Israelis between 18 and 30 years of age to migrate to the land of plenty", thus covering the legitimate government-approved transit of hundreds of Jewish Mistaravim terrorists from Palestine to Australia.

Joe continues with a big scary warning to the Americans and their Zionist masters:

So, people, the day of reckoning is drawing closer, with America on the verge of economic collapse, and Condaleeza Rice openly derided across Europe as she feebly tries to gain support for a "democratic war" on Iran. Nobody wants to know America any more, and the Judeo- Christian 'God' who allegedly told George W. Bush personally to 'attack Iraq' has long since retreated into the background.

All over Iraq the body bags simply can't keep up with the number of dead, and the Republican Guard has barely shifted into second gear. Also, quite suddenly, things have started to explode in inexplicable fashion, hinting at advanced weapons systems well beyond the reach of current American military technology.

Back in America it is hard to find a neocon nowadays, because most are packing their bags for the long journey down under. Fear is in the air, but this time it is fear within the elite. Fear of the American people when they discover they have been bankrupted for more than a century, and fear of each other because the blame game is just aroud the corner. On balance, would you expect a bunch of Zionists to stay in America to face the music? Of course not. Without further ado, the cowards left for Offutt AFB.

Joe even has a picture of the refueling planes that are being prepared for the Zionist flight down under!

At this point, Joe starts doing some very weird sexual projecting......

Nothing could stop them now! Completely out of range of land based fighters, the war criminals started to relax. This was the very last leg of their long flight from America, and Wolfowitz absent-mindedly started playing with himself at the prospect of the firm young Australian buttocks being prepared in Tasmania by the Mistaravim.

But fear not, the Joe's beloved Space Age Russian Death Jets come to Australia's rescue!

One hundred miles ahead and far below the Ark, Major Andrei Osipovich sat silently in the cockpit of his Yak-38 Jump Jet, discreetly camouflaged among the deck containers on board a Russian-flagged civilian cargo ship.


Though western propaganda has ruthlessly trashed the Yak-38 as "useless" and "unstable", nothing can change the reality that this aircraft, known as "Forger" to NATO countries, is both lighter and faster than its British and American Harrier cousins.


Less than seven minutes after lift off from the ship, Andrei Osipovich formated slightly astern of the Ark and about 12,000 feet below, where he was still invisible to the Boeing's TCAS (Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System) radar. The sky was crystal clear, and through his tinted flash visor, Osipovich could see oil streaks on the dirty white belly of the 747 as it wallowed along clumsily in three dimensional space.

Just over two miles away were the Zionist war criminals who had tried to destroy his country completely, who sent in Jewish oligarchs to try and steal Russia's sovereign oil reserves, and who were directly responsible for his elderly grandmother being forced to beg on the streets of Saint Petersburg. They had done the same to America as well, and Andrei Osipovich was justifiably surprised that a USAF F-15 Eagle had not already blown the Ark out of the sky before it could escape American airspace.

Wooo! God bless shitty Russian aeronautical technology! The big guy is about to kick some Jew ass!!......

Major Osipovich mapped his attack run out in his head, without even realizing that his actions that day might save countless young Tasmanian children from a fate far worse than death. Osipovich was a born gunfighter, and his steel-gray eyes mentally plotted the course ans strike pattern of his cannon shells.

The object of the exercise was to climb swiftly up under the belly of the Ark, with his gunsight pointing directly at the nose of the Boeing from below. At this point he intended to open fire, allowing the Ark to fly on through the hail of high-explosive shells, which would punch a straight line of holes back along the centerline to the tail, effectively tearing the giant aircraft apart as it explosively decompressed.

Satisfied with his calculations, Andrei Osipovich unsheathed the trigger on his joystick with a white-gloved finger, pushed the throttle fully forward, and pulled the Yak back into a gut wrenching climb. For a fleeting instant he remembered the horror of finding his frail grandmother begging on the streets of Saint Petersburg, and then he gently squeezed the trigger.


Touching innit? Kinda like a gay sci-fi version of The Turner Diaries.

Joe can be reached at Write to him and thank him for the good news he brings.


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