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More fun in North Korea

Meant to mention this a while back: MSNBC's horrifying report on North Korea's gulags.

Naturally, don't wait for the Pilger-loving scumbag crowd to denounce North Korea anytime soon. This crowd haven't met a genocidal tyrant they haven't liked.

(Link via Damian Penny)

Strawman is being naughty again

Bovination has a beautifully non-PC post about the Canberra bushfires.

Anyone wanna move to England?

You gotta love those British bureaucrats: they've just given asylum to a Taliban fighter, they've let in scores of psycho terrorist Islamofascist clerics under the guise of multiculturalism, but they have refused entry to american blogpartners Sasha Castel and Andrew Dodge, for the hideous crimes of incorrect paperwork and running a blog.

Maybe Sasha should don a burqua, have Andrew beat her with a cane in public while shouting Death to America!! They seem to be the qualities Brit. officials are looking for in their immigrants.

Of course, Australian Labor politicians fell over themselves to keep anti-semite fundamentalist psycho Sheik Taj El Din Al Hilaly in the country, so I guess we can't make fun of the poms for this one.

What will the Saddam apologists have to say about this?

Just saw on the news that Mr. Rumsfeld has endorsed a plan to offer Saddam immunity if he goes into exile.

This gives the legions of anti-USA squealers a difficult choice: ridding Iraq of Saddam at the cost of no lives vs. continuing to be able to scream about The Evil USA.

Don't count on them taking the Iraqi population into account when they make up their minds.....

Leftie sociopaths: the adventures continue

Just a day after Canberra was hit by a horrendous firestorm, the usual gang of lefty sociopaths continue their unending we-hate-the-western-world-and-ourselves spiel in the letters pages of The Sydney Morning Herald, using the bushfires - of all bloody things - to complain about John Howard, the Kyoto protocol and the friggin war against terror for chrissakes. Here's a few choice excerpts....

Until Australia does the right thing and signs the Kyoto protcol expect more of the same.

This is greenhouse, the best thing we could do to prevent it happening again is sign Kyoto.

Canberra burns as Howard keeps fiddling on the international stage.

Greenhouse predictions are dire for the dry Australian continent. Fire, its frequency, and intensity, are forecast to increase as the temperature rises. As John Howard tours Canberra's charcoal suburbs, I wonder if the unsigned Kyoto agreement pricks his conscience.

I saw on the news the other night that scientists are saying this is the first drought that can positively be linked to Global Warming.

John Howard walks through the burnt out ruins of houses owned by innocent people, consoling those that have lost everything. IN the near future, he'll be deliberately putting many Iraqis in a similar ruined, lives lost, innocent people...

Christ almighty.


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