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Idiots, cont.....

More from the river of stupidity that is the Sydney Morning Herald's letters section, re. the Canberra bushfires, and how they are all the fault of John Howard, Dubya and the war against terror.....

JOhn howards 53rd state of USA called Australia is wasting millions on a war for oil and fighting to keep Amercain selfish living standards. If howard wasnt such a coward he would stand up and say no, we will use our money on national defense such as firetrucks, planes, education and public transport and health service for the Australian people. Shame on you howard and go to hell Bush. Your the most evil man on earth with UK. Your sins will come to haunt you.

Little Johnny Howard, perhaps now you will put Australia's signature on the Kyoto Protocol? Oh, but you don't get bushfires in Kirribilli do you?

Just a minor point amid all the devastation and heartbreak - but have you noticed how the PM has been relatively quiet? Guess he can't show too much empathy when after all, he was the first national leader to choose to turn his back on living among us in Canberra. Otherwise people might imagine he was a hypocrite...

(The SMH didn't print my own response to this last moron, as I explained Howard toured the devastation, talking to families all day, and giving an interview on practically every news and current affairs program)

The Al-Guardian condemns "persecution" of British muslims

This disgraceful opinion piece by regular contributing idiot Faisal Bodi (who runs the kook website outlines the supposed persecution of British muslims in today's Britain. It shows the author of this hooey to be a paranoid, multiculturalist huckster of the first order.

Under normal circumstances, yesterday's raid on the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London would have evoked little sympathy in the Muslim community for its unpopular and somewhat embarrassing residents, led by Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Of course, there's a big "but" coming, and he's going to argue that a reasonable police action against a bunch of known fundamentalist cranks (which even Bodi has just acknowledged), is a sign of a creeping anti-muslim gulag state. It's an interesting challenge for a writer, and you can bet he'll construct it by using a) frequent changes of subject, b) pointless observations and c) unfounded allegations, and d) severely paranoid inductive reasoning. Let's see how he does it....

But with poll after poll showing the Muslim community in open disagreement with government claims that the war on terror is not a war on Islam, it is a sure bet that the swoop on a place of worship will be viewed as an escalation of hostilities. And not without justification. Police have violated the sanctity of a mosque to silence a preacher in a way that would be inconceivable for any other faith.

Quite an audacious beginning. In one paragraph he's;

- insinuated a war against islam in Britain

- uttered ridiculous war rhetoric ("escalation of hostilities")

- told a bald-faced lie and one highly dubious assertion: police did not enter the "sensitive" part of the mosque itself - doesn't this idiot read his own newspaper? - "No armed police went into the mosque, nor did any police enter any part of the building used for prayer".

And "inconceivable for any other faith"? News dude: the British police have been able to enter any place of worship they like for a long time now;

Contrary to some Muslim claims, there is no right of sanctuary in the UK - or on much of the continent either. Criminal sanctuary was abolished here in 1623. Under the law, police can enter a place of worship if a search warrant has been issued.

Bodi didn't mention this bit either;

Police consulted a wide range of informed people - including Muslim officers - before the raid. Officers wore covers over their shoes in respect of Muslim beliefs. Leaflets distributed at the nearby Finsbury Park tube station sought to reassure the community.

Instead of just getting on with the job, the police had to kow-tow to the muslim community and all but apologize for acting against islamist criminals. Oh yeah, this is some vicious anti-muslim campaign you got here Bodi.

Since the alleged discovery of ricin traces a fortnight ago, the gloves have come off in the government's dirty war against Britain's Muslims.

In other words, the same laws apply now as applied a fortnight ago. The same laws that apply to non-muslims. And yet again, Bodi introduces cretinous rhetoric ("dirty war") which he cannot justify.

Last week David Blunkett said he would support police in whatever steps they deemed necessary to flush out the "terrorists". The message came as the home secretary announced an inquiry into the events surrounding the tragic death of DC Stephen Oake, stabbed allegedly by an absconded asylum seeker in Manchester.

Let's see, the British Home Secretary says he will support police flush out terrorists in Britain. Truly the stuff or something. As fascist ideology goes, Mr. Bodi, this seems a tad anaemic.

By the way...have you noticed the way Bodi uses the word "allegedly" here? I'll get to that in a moment. There's a more stomach-churning passage to be dealt with for now;

While the inquiry will identify the operational failures in last week's botched arrest, what it will avoid is an investigation of where the political culpability lies for his death. That must surely rest in parliament, and its enactment of latitudinous anti-terrorism legislation, which has positioned the police on the frontline of a war against the Muslim community.

Bodi reveals his true colours: a crazed islamist freak knifes a cop to death, but culpability lies not in the hands of the murderer, but in the hands of the government who - horror of horrors - are trying to rid Britain of precisely this brand of murderous psychos. A horrible breach, I'm sure, of all known hypersensitive multicultural protocols.

And it's somewhat odd that Bodi does not address the fact the legislation applies to all non-muslim Britons as well.

For all the hysterical headlines warning of a Bin Laden in our backyard, the reality is a picture of political repression of Muslims that is starting to resemble the experience of Northern Ireland's Catholics throughout the Troubles. While they were in force, two laws - the Emergency Provisions Act of 1973, and the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1974 - were used to drag an estimated 60,000 overwhelmingly innocent people from their beds.

Here we go: Bodi uses the subject change here. Talking about "similarities" (which he cannot substantiate) with legislation used in another country thirty years previously against another group of people. Why waffle on about this curious historical "similarity" if there are so many cases of "repression" today, under the current laws?

Comparisons with the two most recent terrorism statutes are not misplaced. Just as no further action resulted from the majority of arrests under the Northern Ireland laws...

Let's note
- first: no further actions were taken against most of the people in Bodi's historical case analysis
- second: Bodi does not outline the cases where action was justified and further action was taken, which I thought would have provided some balanced context.

And again, why is he mentioning this poorly-outlined, decades-old Irish example if there is so much repression against muslims in present-day Britain? Is Bodi so desperate to add some weight his feeble examples? It would certainly appear so from the rest of his article; too are the Terrorism Act 2000 and the anti-terrorism crime and security bill simply proving to be instruments of victimisation and criminalisation.

Bodi goes on the justify this ludicrous assertion with some typical snake-oil salesmanship;

Shortly before Christmas an acquaintance was stopped as he drove past Chelsea Barracks. Three police vans surrounded his vehicle. At least six armed policeman charged out, screaming at him not to move and to raise his hands. For 20 minutes they stood the 49-year-old father of five up against a wall in full view of passing traffic - much of it hooting in approval - while they combed his people carrier, their guns cocked. My Pakistan-born friend has no doubt he was apprehended because his beard and north African-style identify him as a Muslim.

You will notice the complete lack of the word "alleged" here. The discovery of ricin in the possession of muslims is alleged, and the stabbing of the now-very-dead police officer by a muslim is alleged. Both well-publicised cases, open to scrutiny by the press and defence lawyers.

Yet the hearsay claims of harassment of muslims by police is apparently gospel. Bodi does not seek an answer from police to these allegations, which is suspicious to say the least. He gives no details of his "acquaintance". No details are given as to the police explanation for these actions, only his friends allegation that "he was apprehended because his beard and north African-style identify him as a Muslim".

So this absurd hearsay is one of a whopping two examples Bodi uses as evidence of a war against muslims. Let's look at the other;

On the same day as the Manchester arrests, anti-terrorist police swooped on addresses in a north-west town to detain five south Asian Muslim men linked to a charity working in Afghanistan. Once in custody, police asked them to sign a document waiving their right to consult a solicitor. When this failed they denied the men permission to speak to a London-based lawyer on the grounds that she was too far away. When eventually a local solicitor was contacted, the police refused to furnish him with the reasons for the arrests. While the men were being held, officers ransacked their homes and offices, the net result of which was a big blank, at least on the terrorism front. Not to be defeated, the police bailed the five to reappear on suspicion of a theft charge relating to the charity's assets, which they suggest is a ploy designed to discredit them in the Muslim community.


- allegations passed off as fact
- no police explanation of the details of the case
- paranoid conjecture ("they suggest is a ploy designed to discredit them in the Muslim community")

Bodi mumbles suspiciously against well-documented actions against muslims, yet - in an appalling display of race-huckster hypocrisy, he provides as evidence hearsay and conjecture which give us no reason to think them anything other than the political fabrications of Islamist loudmouths.

Their treatment falls into a pattern of repressive activity against Muslim organisations that does not stop at show-raids on Finsbury Park.

A pattern? Where are the examples, Bodi?

The mosque has been under MI5 surveillance for years and if there was so much as a crumb of cannabis, let alone ricin, it would have been snuffed out long ago.

What, so you would have liked them to have been raided sooner? With less evidence for doing so? Isn't that what you've been complaining about? Given his interesting usage of the word "allegation", one wonders what kind of evidence would justify a raid to the likes of Bodi.

The discovery of a stun gun, an imitation gun and a CS gas canister doesn't justify the scale or nature of this highly politicised raid.

No doubt MI5 and Special Branch are breathlessly awaiting crime-expert Bodi's advice on investigation, evidence collection and arrest techniques.

And it doesn't alter the fact that the authorities have failed to link Abu Hamza with everything from alleged terrorist plots involving his family in Yemen in 1998 to being a recruitment agent for al-Qaida.

Bodi builds his man-of-straw: Scotland Yard just said Abu Hamza didn't have anything to do with this raid. Odd, that a supposed dirty war against muslims would not target this fundamentalist, terrorist-sponsoring psychopath. The brit cops aren't doing a great job of upholding their anti-muslim fascist thug credentials are they? Hell, they didn't even arm the (now dead) cop they sent up against the nice, innocent, knife-wielding muslim.

The raid comes as the charity commission's anxiety about British mosques has intensified. It has written to mosques, telling them to avoid allowing their premises to be used for political activities - an attitude that attacks the principle of the inseparability of faith and politics in Islam.

Shock horror. Why on earth would they adopt such an attitude? Well, I'm no expert like Bodi, but I'll take a wild guess and say it might be something to do with people like this. It's surprising Bodi never mentions these nice islamofascist colleagues in his deceitful, "why do you hate us" sympathy-bilge. Wait, no it isn't. Bodi seems to think the existence and activities of terrorist-supporting Islamic clerics has nothing to do with the government's comparatively moderate anti-terrorist legislation.

Last April, in a move certain to be contested by his lawyers, the charity commission suspended Abu Hamza from preaching, overruling a 1998 court order which had granted him permission to lead Friday prayers. Last week the commission made that ban permanent.

How Bodi weeps for Abu Hamza. The cleric who aims "to remove the oppression created by man-made laws, so that the whole of mankind can enjoy the freedom, purity and justice of living under Allah's laws - the Shari'ah".

Hamza, who thinks the western democratic laws - which now protect him from a well deserved bullet in the head - are worthless, do not apply to him, and should not apply to any others.

Hamza, the avowed supporter of Al-Queda and the Taliban, who daydreams of exterminating the Jewish race, of imposing brutal sharia law on the whole earth, in which there would be no charity commissions, courts of secular law, and certainly no chance of there being a newspaper like The Guardian.

Now this fascist psychopath, this sewerpipe of humanity, is now the object of Faisal Bodi's loathsome weeping-party. The fact that this diseased, evil bastard lives free under democratic law despite the poison he spreads, is actually used to support Bodi's case for a war against muslims!

Even banks appear to have been asked to keep an eye on mosque accounts. One London branch referred a cheque for £30,000 - payment to a building contractor - to the police.

Goodness gracious. A cheque was referred to the police. Never mind that large bank transactions the world over are monitored in this same manner in all manner of criminal law protocols. Never mind the money wasn't confiscated. It was referred. Is there no end to the horror?

The type of draconian legislation that produces such abuses is not so much designed to tackle terrorism as to manufacture an illusion of it for propagandist purposes.

Bodi is quite right: the draconian legislation allows Abu Hamza to remain free to spread Islamofascist propaganda. Wait...that wasn't what you meant, was it Bodi?

The recent wave of arrests under terrorism legislation, nearly all of them of Muslims...

Yet Bodi can provide only the feeble allegations shown above to support this apparent wave of racist arrests.

...follows a relative lull since September...

So, I guess there haven't been too many arrests after all, eh? Bodi seems reluctant to give any details to support his case.

....a fact that is surely related to the government's intention to exaggerate an internal terrorist threat in an effort to persuade an unconvinced public of the need to wage war against Iraq.

As conspiracy paranoids go, Bodi takes some beating. If it was a dirty propaganda war, designed to boost support for the war in Iraq, wouldn't Special Branch manufacture pro-Saddam evidence and actually make a few charges stick? Wouldn't letting so many of them go, and letting a psycho like Abu Hamza spout so many non-Iraq ravings be somewhat counter-productive to this anti-muslim conspiracy? Eh Bodi?

<cue sound of crickets......>

Whatever the motive, it is clear the response is incommensurate with the threat,

That would be obvious, given that these characters and Hamza are still free to plot the overthrow of secular democracy. A commensurate response would be to use their balls for cocktail olives.

...the alleged discovery of ricin traces and a stun gun notwithstanding - it mustn't be forgotten that in their zeal to secure terrorism convictions, British police have not been beyond tampering with evidence, as in the case of the Birmingham Six.

Here we go with the word "alleged" again. And poor Bodi really doesn't seem to know what he's arguing. We're supposed to believe two things;

a) the government & police are waging a dirty, racist war of persecution against muslims, but;
b) the police aren't tampering with evidence, the agencies and cops are following proper procedure, and so that all the 'orrible muslims the racist brits want to be rid of are released back into society

Crikey, a regular Warsaw ghetto is in the making here.

Today's headlines:
- millions of muslims not persecuted by racist British right-wing thugs.
- Abu Hamza complains of not being able to get arrested anymore: "I dunno what's wrong with these Kafir bastards. I keep promising to slaughter them. What else can I do?"

Seeing a political opportunity, the right has fused the less popular xenophobia with the more popular Islamophobia. It should alert us all to the fact that both have a common wellspring in hatred of the other.

Thanks for the lesson, oh noble one. Yes Bodi, the Brits hate muslims so much they can't even oppress them properly. If only they'd learn the techniques peace and tolerance practised by muslims themselves, then those democracy-worshiping limey wimps would learn a thing or two about organising a good pogrom.

If you're in any doubt read the following excerpt from the Daily Mail of August 20 1938: "The way stateless Jews from Germany are pouring in from every port of this country is becoming an outrage." There are some things even a holocaust can't change.

This paragraph gets my early nomination for "the most vomit-inducing piece of hypocrisy to appear in a mainstream newspaper in 2003".

Fasial Bodi: sociopath, hypocrite, racist.

This also says as much about The Guardian as you'll ever need to know.


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