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16 January 2004


I'm back. Read this amazing website and shower me with money and gifts.


Being an enthusiastic consumer of booze-enhanced beverages, I tried out Carlton's new brew Cold Shot.

Basically, it's lager mixed with vodka. My verdict?


Take a pissweak lager, pour half of it down the sink and add tapwater to what's left.

Terrible, just terrrible. Kinda like Budweiser, only better.

The crackpots return, all nice and shiny like

After a nice xmas/ny break, the moonbats at The Green Left Weekly have returned with a revamped website. Well, revamped visually anyway.

In this latest issue:

• The great idea that asylum seekers should automatically be granted citizenship.

• A truly psycho conspiracy rant about the earthquake in Iran being part of a plot by John Howard to exploit to third world and destroy our solidarity with our Iranian brothers. Or something.

• An obit for the wretched and unlamented Marxist loon Dot Tunney.

• A commie film reviewer going bonkers over Master and Commander:

It's the Francophobia of Master and Commander, much in fashion among US right-wing circles at the moment because of France's opposition to the Bush gang's war with Iraq, that has Krauthammer and others bursting with bloodcurdling joy. The film “allows American audiences”, according to Krauthammer, “the particular satisfaction of seeing Anglo-Saxon cannonballs puncturing the tricolor”.

Master and Commander is a movie you will love to hate. There are many great scenes followed by a line or two of pro-British dialogue that makes you grind your teeth. Hopefully, when it is released on DVD it will have an alternative ending — a common feature these days.

In that ending, the British lose the Napoleonic wars, while there are successful rebellions in Ireland, India, Canada and Australia. There will be no carve-up of Africa or opium wars in China. Humanity will be saved from 150 years of the British gulag.

Go see the movie and barrack for the French!

Hey, didn't the French spend quite a few years killing beloved Vietnamese communists?

• More craptastic commie poetry:

Will you please observe through the wire
I am sewing my feet together
They have walked about as far
As they ever need to go

• And last but not least, a review of the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away:

Basically, Cast Away is a homage to the pre-capitalist societies that made these kinds of islands their homes before the colonists came to slaughter and exploit them. They in fact were the truly civilised people.

Apart from all the brutal inter-tribal warfare, zero democracy, inherited power of the chiefs, poverty, slavery, short life expectancy, no womens rights and generally crackpot belief systems.

Yeah, sounds great. Fucking commie idiot.

No stinkin' Jews

[Update: this issue was resolved to my satisfaction shortly after I originally posted this]

For the last five years, I've had my own office at the university I work at.

I've always decorated the door (and office) with posters (usually of motorbikes), Dilbert comics, Ren & Stimpy pics, and so forth.

One of these images is considered offensive. Go on, try to guess which one.

Last week, after shifting to a different office (in the same small building) I put an A4-sized Israeli flag on the door.

On Tuesday, my building manager pointed to it and asked: "what's this flag?"

"It's the Israeli flag" I tell her. Building manager goes away, and I don't think any more of it.

On Wednesday, the building manager pops by again, and tells me I'll have to remove "those things" from my door.

I asked why I had to do so.She said a number of people had "taken offence" at some of my decorative items.

"What" says I: "people find motorcycle posters offensive?"

No, I was told, "it's these two that are the problem"

"these two" that she was referring to are an A4-sized flag of Israel, and a paper shooting target I brought back from Los Angeles.

The target contains a picture of a well-known political leader, and someone apparently took offence at the sight of his head with bullet holes in it.

Ah, you may ask, who's bullet-ridden visage was in this picture that would cause such offence? Ghandi? Martin Luther King? Neville Bonner? Well, not quite.

The face on the paper target belongs to that well-known humanitarian Saddam Hussein.

Yesiree, in an institution where printed material is displayed comparing John Howard and Dubya to Adolf hitler, and where a university-wide mailing list is used to advertise protest marches against our "racist" government (despite a policy stating that they are to be used only for university administrative matters), where conversations over coffee breaks routinely refer to conservative voters as lunatics, idiots and warmongers, I have been asked to remove the flag of a civilised, democratic country and a picture of a mass-murderer with bullet holes in it. All on the grounds of not creating an offensive and discriminatory workplace for my lovely colleagues.

Oddly, the Saddam target had been on display since I returned from the USA back in May 2003. It had aroused no complaint, and neither had any of my other decorations.

Yet days after sticking a Jewish symbol to my door, I'm asked to remove it, on the grounds that it is offensive imagery. It was also perfectly obvious from what I was told that it was the nasty Jewflag that was the most problematic image.

Just think about this: I live in a democratic country, in the year 2004, and a Jewish flag is considered offensive imagery.

I'm not entirely sure what to do about this. I find the institutionalised tolerance of leftist bigotry utterly disgusting. I have not yet removed the items in question, and nor will I.

I don't know what to do. I cannot direct any anger at the building manager: she was simply doing her job in acting on complaints received, and attempting to resolve it one-on-one.

I like my new job, and I'm not keen on sacrificing myself to make some political point. But this shit simply cannot be tolerated. I am not willing to submit to disgusting anti-Jewish, nutjob-leftist bigotry just to appease the bastards who have made these vile complaints against me, especially in an institution which allows - and even encourages - the voices of the crazed left to flourish.

Universities: where free thought and open debate are nurtured.

Yeah, right.


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