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27 July 2004

Favourite TV characters, part 1...

Character: Simon Adebisi
Actor: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Show: Oz

Played with surprising restraint and sly humour by former model Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Simon Adebisi - a Nigerian-born cop-killer - ruled over the experimental prison wing 'Emerald City' for four seasons.

A grand schemer of rare cunning, utter ruthlessness and eerie charisma, Adebisi rarely got his hands dirty in his desire to control Emerald City's drug trade. While occassionally exploding into a violent rage, Adebisi's gift was in the plot and counter-plot, the turning of one prisoner against another.

Not only a great character, he was used brilliantly by the writers/directors, and was a key ingredient in making OZ such a compelling, bloody treat.

Foreign Aid vs Fido

Great little piece by Alex Robson.

The lies and lies of Michael Moore

For those inclined to believe anything they see in Farenheit 9/11, I suggest reading through Dave Kopel's long and devastating demolition of this supposed "documentary".

Saying it again, because it's fun

Harleys suck.

Actually, Harleys are kinda cool, because they prove you can succeed no matter how bad your product is, so long as you have the right marketing skills.

.....Engines which couldn't pull a lesbian off your sister.....

This wheezy, overweight piece of crap will set you back thirty thousand dollars...

.....soggy suspension which is deliberately designed not to work (I'm talking about the horizontally slanted rear shocks, so designed because they look cooler that way)..... quality which would shame even the Italian manufacturers (Harley's big, anemic engines have the worst stress tolerances in the motorcycling world, not to mention the shit finish and muddy brakes).....

....handling which resembles a chaff bag filled with custard. You can forget going around corners on these things: even if the crap suspension and crummy overweight chassis was up to it, they have zero ground clearance and a wider turning circle than a bus......

...minimal luggage-carrying capacity & terrible passenger seats....

....they're ugly. To all those people who ride chromed-up Harleys: do you have any idea how stupid you look?

....comfort is much overrated. Apart from the shit suspension sending every bump directly up your spine and through your kidneys, you have crap seats to deal with. And a bolt-upright riding position produces the not-fun "wind-sock" effect....

...ludicrously overpriced. These bikes would be a rip-off at half the price. If you must have a cruiser, buy Japanese: better engines, suspension, reliability, comfort and value.....

So, it's safe to say that I don't "get" Harleys. If the only places you ride are long, smooth highways with no bends, then a Harley would make sense.

Personally, I'd rather eat hair. If I wanted a slow, boring bike, I'd buy a scooter. At least they can go around corners, and I'd have the money left over to buy a real bike.

Green vomit

The tree-hugging, freedom-hating stalinists are in fine form this week....

- Coca-Cola is really evil or something.

- they're wetting themselves over Michael Moore's Fiction-mentary. However, they don't seem too keen to discuss Dave Kopel's demolition of the movie, beyond saying...

Unfortunately for Bolt, Kopel and their ilk, Moore has produced an extensive list of sources for all the claims made in Fahrenheit 9/11 and posted rebuttals of claims that his film is inaccurate on his website (<>).

Well actually dumbass, he's hardly rebutted anything in Kopel's essay. Go click this link: Kopel has listed Moore's responses... there aren't too many of them. I especially note the lack of response top Kopel's dissection of Moore's looney Unocal pipeline conspiracies.

Then there's this howler...

As Moore pointed out in an interview with the July 12 Time magazine: “There's lots of disagreement with my analysis of these facts or my opinion based on the facts. But there is not a single factual error in the movie. I'm thinking of offering a $10,000 reward for anyone that can find a single fact that's wrong.”

I notice Moore hasn't come good with this promise, which would probably leave him $500,000 poorer if his lack of responses to Kopel is anything to go by. Note how many times Kopel has explicitly labelled Moore's claims as lies, and how few times Moore refutes it.

Given the Green Left's love of Castro's totalitarian state, it's no surprise they love a movie like this. Leftism and reality rarely meet.

Back to Michael Moore again

Some sorry-ass, Castro-loving looney has set up a Moore-loving website 'Who's with Michael Moore?'.

Some of the dorks in the comments are provide amusement:

When I visited the US a year ago I was shocked and horrified at all those stars and stripes flags hanging outside people's homes.

Castro locking up political opponents is A-OK, but people flying flags is horrifying.


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