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8 July 2004

Any opinions?

I'm starting to notice something very weird.

Over the last few months, I've actually had trouble writing my own signature on paper.

My signature takes longer to sign than most, because I've always tried to make my name legible.

However, recently I've had to concentrate extremely hard not to fuck it up, rather than being able to do it on 'autopilot' without thinking.

I'll be halfway thru either my first or last name, when one of two things will happen: A) my neat signature becomes gibberish, or worse, B) I'll misspell it.

This makes things rather awkward when you're signing for a credit card payment, and your sig doesn't look like the one on the plastic.

I haven't a bloody clue why this is happening. I haven't suffered any kind of hand or head injury, and I can still scribble meeting notes on paper same as ever. Yet I can't sign my name properly without taking it very slowly. As as if the "muscle memory" for that task has been lost, without affecting other hand-eye coordination skills.

Any of you knowledgable in this area who care to share an opinion?



Really Bad Poetry alert

Richard Neville has graced us with a poem, inspired by an "intoxicating speech" from Andrew Wilkie, before a vast audience at Epping Community hall.

Now if saying your poem was inspired by Andew Wilkie isn't the worst preface to a poem in history, I will personally give Michael Moore a blowjob.

Alas, it begins....

Wilkie’s war
Howard’s end,
a Godsend!

Or else go round the bend

As if Richard wasn't already around the bend. Richard's off the entire curvilinear spectrum.

Tonight we’re here as one,
To seal the fate
of a head of state,

His head on a plate,

An end
to the politics of hate

Richard and his merry kooks will change our thoughts. There's nothing like self-confidence I guess.

And so retrieve this sunburnt land
from the hand
of corporate tools
and fossil fools
who thumb Kyoto

and get satisfaction
from endless extraction

Never to feel the exaltation
of planetary restoration

The "exaltation of planetary restoration"? Yeeeeuch. You can just imagine some hippy masturbating a fern or something.

Farewell, heartless Howard.
Tormentor of refugees,
On the high seas.


A torturer of truth,
This dark prince of social malfunction,
A walking weapon of psychic destruction

You know how John Howard goes walking through the streets, zapping our psychic brains with non-vegetarian beam-weapons, causing malfunctions everywhere he goes.

Howard couldn’t care if he’s right or wrong,
smug and secure in Bennelong
Which is where Mr Wilkie’s war comes in
To knock the seat from under him

Heh. If you say so dude. Tell ya what Richard, I'll bet you one thousand dollars that Wilkie the Wanker won't win the seat of Bennelong.

Hush! Hush! – what’s that we hear?

It’s Wild Card Wilkie creeping up from the rear
He blows his whistle into Howard’s deaf ear,
The whistle of truth, the whistle of freedom
A whistle barely heard since the days of Whitlam

The whistle of freedom not heard since Whitlam?


The whistle of joy,
that rouses a nation,
from khaki death march
To wild celebration

This particular whistle of joy has been out there for a year, and hasn't roused much beyond Richard's cock, which nears spurting point with this....

Dancing in the street, everyone’s singing
Birds are chirping, the fish are grinning,
Buds are blooming, our heads are spinning
The end of Howard … is a new beginning

It's stunning how the new age left never realise just how far out of touch with the rest of the population they really are. Except on election night, when the ignorant populace generally gives them a nasty shock.

Richard isn't to be deterred though, he's already predicting a new golden dawn.....

Renewable energy, sustainable growth
Shrinking clouds of toxic smoke
Revival of tolerance and civil rights
A collective urge to raise our sights

The corporate media flat on its face
Raging debates in cyberspace

The end of brass bands led by the blind
The birth of a patriotism for all human kind

A fair go future for the world as a whole
The total reinvention of a politician’s role

No, this isn't the end of it, it keeps going......

In the years ahead we’ll look back on this night
As the start of a journey to restore the light
The time we climbed from a moral black hole
The moment this nation reclaimed its soul

Viva La Revolution! Richard and the small group of hygene-challenged dorks at Wilkie's speech are taking over!

A tale oft told … in music and song
The triumph of the Greens … in Bennelong

Yeah right. Like I said before dickhead, a thousand dollars says this won't happen.

Who wouldn't love to see Richard's reaction if Howard manages to win the election?

Intellectual criticism of Israel

From serial idiot Paul Abeles, in the aus.politics newsgroup...

The US invaded Iraq on the excuse to rid it of WMD's.

Is it permissible for France or Russia or China to invade Israel to rid it
of WMD's?.

I really cant see any difference.

Many Jews in Israel want to get rid of Sharon, he is being called a Judenrat
by them.

Sharon and Saddam, Shias, Kurds,................Palestinians.

I see remarkable similarities.

Yes, lots of similarities.

Helen Caldicott's love of humanity

Via Aaron comes this fine piece on the tyrant-loving leftist hag.

Caldicott made it clear where here sympathies lay when she stated:

"Free enterprise really means rich people get richer. And they have the freedom to exploit and psychologically rape their fellow human beings in the process . . . . Capitalism is destroying the earth. Cuba is a wonderful country. What Castro's done is superb."

Vive democracy — Castro style, complete with a Latin Gulag, torture chambers and firing squads.

Charming lady.

And if you think that quote is a stunner, be sure to read the rest.

Movies (through the eyes of dickheads)

Well, I haven't talked about these bozos in a while.....

If you ever needed proof of what boring, humourless, miserable cunts socialists are, check out the film reviews sections of the World Socialist Website.

As a case in point, have a gander at the review of sci-fi flick Minority Report, and witness the endless, whiny, turgid prose...

There are absurdities in Minority Report which reveal a great deal about the social assumptions and prejudices of its creators. The American society of half a century from now is presented as generally prosperous and content, insofar as one is able to determine, but crime and murder (and drug use) persist. Why? Is there no connection between poverty and violent behavior, or, more generally, between social reality and crime? The filmmakers are either adapting to themselves to the right-wing argument that crime is essentially causeless (rooted in Man’s fallen state) or, probably more to the point, indicating their lack of interest in its causes and a concern merely with the means of avoiding its consequences.


What is one to say? How could a film produced with such a degree of collaboration between filmmakers and giant transnational corporations possibly be expected to provide a clear-sighted view of contemporary life? At a time, no less, when the pervasive criminality of the corporate boardroom, its looting of the American economy of trillions of dollars, has been exposed.


The views of Spielberg and his associates on crime, the police and democratic rights are conditioned by their social circumstances and connections. The garden variety Hollywood liberal, rich and complacent, would prefer, all things considered and if it did not prove too much of an inconvenience (or threaten his stock portfolio or career prospects), to live in a world where universal brotherhood reigned supreme. He does not view “democracy,” however, in association with the right of the broad mass of the population to decent living standards and to be defended against the coercive power of the capitalist state. In fact, he never thinks of such a thing at all, as contemporary films make clear. On the contrary, under conditions of growing social inequality, the population at large is seen in a generally hostile manner, as a potential threat to his wealth and privileges.

All this directs today’s studio filmmaker irresistibly toward the figure of the policeman, both because he is the defender of private property (and thus deeply fascinating on the conscious and unconscious levels to the wealthy) and because he can be made to represent, falsely, “blue-collar” America.

Minority Report provides us with a policeman’s-eye view, filtered through layers of Hollywood liberal cotton-wadding, of the issue of the police-state.

In that sense, the filmmakers’ decision in the end to come down against “pre-crime,” while not unimportant, hardly stands out as a compelling defense of basic democratic rights. One only has to read the ignorant and wrongheaded comments of co-screenwriter Scott Frank: “People can be against capital punishment until they lose a loved one. We can be completely civilized until the murder rate goes way up and we need to figure out how to bring in the troops. That’s how dictatorships get started; it’s always for the greater good.”

..and on and on and on it bloody goes...

Ugh. You can just imagine getting stuck in an elevator with this lot.


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