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25 July 2005

Baiting a Castroid for fun

In this thread at aus.politics, I took a brief swipe at Cuba under Castro, causing one Castroid to explode with rage.

Read and titter at the shrieking of one 'Prof. Jonez'. I especially liked this bit:

over 12 U$ presidential terms, 5 DEAD U$ presidents,
2 impeached U$ presidents, and Fidel Castro is still
kicking U$ ASS !!

Now go pound a banana up your ass, chimp.

Heh. Must be a Michael Moore fan.


Lifestyle changes

The always-interesting blogger A.E. Brain gets more interesting by the day.


Getting your priorities right

We've been treated to the mass-murder by Islamist loons in London, so what is the Green Left Weekly talking about? The poor oppressed Islamists of course...

Since the bombings, the Muslim community has been subject to numerous racist attacks, including many cases of violent assault and verbal abuse in the street and attacks on mosques, including racist graffiti, smashed windows and arson. One man has died as a result of a racist attack in Nottingham.

PM Tony Blair has helped to fan the flames of racism. He has denied there is any connection between the London bombings and the war in Iraq and instead laid the responsibility for the bombings at the feet of the Muslim community. The government and the media continue to repeat the mantra that to avoid further bomb attacks the Muslim community must “put its house in order”.

Yes, can't imagine why the muslim community is getting criticised.....

Oh, and they're showing us their deep understanding of middle-east politics:

East Jerusalem is recognised as being part of the occupied territories, illegally seized by Israel during the 1967 war.

Um, would that be the war of extermination started by the Arabs?


An actual cricket post

I never post about cricket, even though I am a fan. I leave that to the real fanatics.

However, I did enjoy the clobbering the aussies gave the poms at Lords last night. So much for the pre-series hype. Still, there's a long way to go, and I still think England will win at least one test.

The destructive performance of Glenn McGrath got me thinking about the great fast bowlers in cricket history. For my money, this bloke is still the king:

Malcolm Denzil Marshall

376 test wickets at an average of 20.94

I have a highlights tape of the 1984/5 Aus v. WI series in Australia. Marshall was simply amazing to watch, even next to Michael Holding and Joel Garner.

That short, odd runup, the lighting-quick whipping arm action - Marshall was just so blindingly fast, and as superb a tactician as any bowler the world has seen.

I remember one dismissal in particular: Marshall was bowling to Allan Border at the Adelaide Oval. Marshall blasted the ball at the stumps with such awsome speed, that Border was unable to get either bat or pad to the ball, and he was out for 5. Marshall was later named Man of the Series.

Remarkably, as his body aged and was no longer able to deliver such thunderbolts, he became a great fast-medium bowler, able to swing the ball at will.

Sadly, we lost Marshall in 1998 to cancer, aged 41.



More with the taxes

Chuck S. sends in a theologically-inspired answer to my tax question:

Is tax evasion morally wrong?

I presume that you are defining tax evasion as the process of violating
written law (including tax code) and thereby paying less in tax than
scrupulous adherence to the law would require.

That being the case, in summary - yes.

Here's why:

First, I do not know how to define anything as moral or immoral outside
reference to some absolute. For me, that reference is God's word as
recorded in the Bible. (If that is a sticking point, no reason to read
any further.)

Scripture has the following clear New Testament references (I have
limited myself because some are uncertain about applicability of Old
Testament references in the Christian era and in any case it isn't
necessary for the task at hand):

"Be subject to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether
to the king, as supreme; or unto governors, as sent by
him for vengeance on evil-doers and for praise to them that do well.
For so is the will of God"
1 Peter 2:13

"Servants, obey in all things them that are your masters according
to the flesh; not with eye-service, as men-pleasers, but in
singleness of heart, fearing the Lord"
Colossians 3:20
"And he said unto them, Then render unto Caesar the things that are
Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."
Luke 20:22

I have heard some rather specious arguments used to avoid the first
reference above, never any substantive ones.

The second is less direct but clearly enunciates the principle we are to
follow, and the attitude we are to have.

In the last, Jesus in the flesh is responding to a question. It is
profitable to consider the quality of life under that government, the
paucity of justice, and the unfairness of the tax system being
questioned. But what does He say? He says to pay what the government
says you owe, not what you think you ought to pay.

In summary, God defines what is moral, and not man. Therefore I have to
go by His words.

Well, I'm an atheist, so I couldn't care less what the bible says about anything. Even if I did, I still don't see how these three quotations are a defence of taxation, and I'm especially baffled by this conclusion:

"He says to pay what the government says you owe, not what you think you ought to pay."

So, would Jesus defend land seizures? Because that's the implication here. If Robert Mugabe thinks that's what whitey owes him, aren't they morally obliged to hand it over?

An obligation to pay tithing, yes. But "what the government thinks I owe"? I think not.


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