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The US is the world's only hyperpower, and judging by all the other possible candidates for that status, we're bloody lucky it is.
- Tom Paine


Tex is comin' to America

Paid for my trip today. The itinerary:

April 6-10: Los Angeles

April 10-13: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

April 13-24: Montreal & Quebec City

April 24-29: Los Angeles (weekender to San Francisco)

Should be damned fun, except for all the bloody flying.

Socialist filth accuse General Peter Cosgrove of collusion in East Timor massacres

If only he was more like Fidel...

Sometimes you read things that make you want to drag the author into a dark alley and beat the fucker to death with a baseball bat.

Hell hath no fury like a angry commie. The sociopaths over at the International Socialist Organisation are going bonkers that Jose Ramos Horta is pro-war. Their hissy-fit over this is to be expected. But here's what they say about the Australian military intervention which saved thousands of lives.

Leaders of the independence movement came to rely more on imperialism than on mobilising people in struggle.

That's probably because people power ended up with lots of people being slaughtered whereas imperialist australians with guns stopped the miltia rampages and saved thousands of lives.

And in a sense it "worked". When the militias responded to the ballot with killings and destruction, John Howard seized the opportunity to send in troops. That didn't save lives, because the troops didn't go until the mayhem had subsided.

Gee whiz, the mayhem subsided when the troops arrived, I wonder why that was?

But here's the kicker:

Australian commander Cosgrove collaborated with the Indonesian military throughout the operation.

You filthy, worthless Stalin-loving hypocritical cunt bastards. Thousands were being slaughtered, the australian troops intervened to stop the massacre. Yet to your average commie scumbag, this doesn't matter. It's all about evil westerners crushing the third-worlders.

Peter Cosgrove handled - with stunning aplomb - the job of landing an Australian force on Indonesian soil, repelling rampaging, murderous militias, while glad-handling the Indonesians so as not to start a war. He succeeded on all counts.

Yet these loathesome, unwashed, gulag-loving pieces of commie shit now accuse Cosgrove - who saved thousands of lives amidst a nearly impossible political situation without starting a war - of colluding with the murderous pro-Jakarta forces.

Presumably Cosgrove should have launched a war against Indonesia, or let the rest of the Timorese be slaughtered. After all, to the average socialist, thousands of lives is a small price to pay for ideological correctness.

It created a Timorese puppet state in what effectively became an Australian colony, and put people like Ramos Horta in office.

Let's see, an Independent East Timor, free from rampaging miltias, run by Timorese democrats like Ramos Horta (the horror of it!). Sounds good to me, though your average Castro-masturbator has always despised the democratic system. It gives ignorant non-enlightened people the power to choose for themselves.

Just when you think the moral sewer of socialism has reached it's depths, these squealing totalitarian piglets pull something like this out of the bag.

Go die, you fuckers.


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