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22 March 2004

Fresh carcass celebration

Sheik Ahmed Yassin - Islamist psychopath and brave child-murderer - has met a fitting end: blown into lumps of toasted meat by an Israeli missile.

Smoked Pork

This filthy scumbucket has tasted Israeli justice. Mwahahaha.

Goodbye and good riddance, you piece of shit. Hooray for Israel. May the IDF hunt down and slaughter the rest of those diseased pigs in quick time.

Of course, the usual parade of Islamonazi apologists and western wimps will claim this will begin another "cycle of violence" and that the naughty Israelis shouldn't have done it. My favourite quote comes from Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie:

This is a crazy and very dangerous act. It opens the door wide to chaos. Yassin was known for his moderation and he was controlling Hamas. Therefore this is a dangerous, cowardly act.

A mass-murderer, committed to the extermination of the Jews, is held up as a voice of "moderation" by the Palestinian Prime Minister.

Yesiree, we really should give these clowns their own state.

Oh, and as I'm typing this, the supremely cretinous Tony Jones on Lateline is demanding "direct evidence" that the lovely Sheik had "any direct connection" to terrorist activities.

More on Sheik "chunks of meat" Yassin

The great minds at aus.politics are rather unhappy:

The Israelis have proved their value as heroes - killing some poor old bastard in a wheelchair.

Gutless pieces of pigshit !!!!


The Israelis cannot complain when suicide bombers blow up schoolkids and old people because they do it themselves - and if you read the statistics in far greater numbers than the Palestinians. The numbers are about 5 or 6 to 1 Israel vs Palestininans.

And talking about fanatics - how fanatical are the Israelis ????

The Israelis deserve the same condemnation as any other terrorist organisation.


Frankly the Israeli's deserve everything they get.

You can respond to these nice people by doing the free sign-up with google groups.

Save the planet: buy an SUV and run over some greenies with it

Our favourite pro-fascist peace creeps are in fine form this week......

- Lots of photos from last weekend's "peace" marches. Not surprisingly, most of the banners belong to those well-known lovers of liberty, The Socialist Alliance. We have screaming commie bitches, the three dumbest Italians in Australia, Jew-hating child-abuse, a sign reading "stop the corporate looting of Iraq: troops out now" (I guess the resulting looting and chaos would be A-OK), musical retards, some very confused Australians who think they are going to be voting for Dennis Kucinich (chortle), "pro palestine" loons, and this typically level-headed leftist.

- The Greenies are supporting five Castro thugs caught committing espionage. They were apparently bravely protecting Cuba from "invasion" by evil pro-American types. Of course, the nice greenies don't tell you that the "invaders" the Cubans so bravely shoot out of the sky in "self-defence" are from the non-violent Hermanos organisation, who help rescue people who have fled the wonderful workers' paradise.

Charming people these greenies, so full of love & concern for their fellow man.

- A story about Israel being a "nuclear outlaw", and if the horrible Jews can have nukes, what's the harm in letting the nice muslims get hold of them?

- Suicide-bomber apologist Hanan Ashrawi bleats about the 'orrible Jews murdering Rachel Corrie.

Another of those nice peace protestors


More Pilger moaning

Loony John is complaining about being silenced by the corporate media again, except he's doing it in a commercial broadsheet newspaper, which is also available to anyone with a web browser. Leftists do so enjoy their delusions of martyrdom.


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