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27 November 2003

Headline of the day

Check out the headline to this story. Hehehehe.

Thanks to Zoopie for the link.

Australia's own Jihad lunatics

Me and my transsexual pig Ummah were surfing the web tonight when we came across something I haven't read in a while: The Call to Islam, "Australia's leading Islamic periodical". A wonderful resource for budding Talibanis everywhere.

Here's their current editorial:

The Muslim Nation does not concede to Defeat

I'm so relieved your miserable, prehistoric, barbaric culture is so bravely leading the fight against modernity and freedom. How proud you must be.

the Taliban were never defeated, for they had executed a tactical withdrawal of their troops from major cities to preserve their arms and fighters

Clever stuff. Run away like a bunch of little girls, lose all your territory and lose government. Otherwise known as French Infantry Tactics.

The crusaders and their apostate agents have so far failed miserably in detaining even one influential member of the Taliban movement or Al-Qaidah.

Except all the ones they've captured I guess.

The only achievement of the US invasion was the spread of poverty, crimes, diseases, lack of security and drug trafficking in areas under the control of the satanic alliance.

Oh, and allowing 50% of the population to be treated in a semi-human fashion again. As a good fundamentalist, one is horrified by the thought.

Once again, and in a Zionist-like manner, the US administration exercised the same inhuman and barbaric policies in their attempt to take control over Iraq, as reflected through the random detention of Iraqi men, women, elderly and even children; and the destruction and looting of their homes and properties under the claim of ‘hunting down’ resistance fighters.

In a Zionist like manner indeed: with respect for human rights, freedom of speech and rebuilding infrastructure. Something the "Muslim Nation" has never accomplished.

It is about time the US realise they are fighting a losing battle against Islam, for Islam is the True religion of God. A nation that takes the True religion and its Shari’ah as a way of life can never be defeated.

It can never have democracy or anything resembling a modern civilisation either if the entire history of Islam is anything to go by. Your culture has produced not one single free, successful society. You invent nothing, you contribute nothing, and your "nation" is a poverty-stricken, uneducated cesspool of ignorance and hatred, despite your possession of endless quantities of black gold.

The Muslim nation may lose a battle or two but they can never lose the war.

News dude: they can nuke your entire civilisation out of existence any time they want. And there is nothing you could do to stop them, Allah-boy.

Jesus, you scimitar-waving losers couldn't even beat the Israelis, let alone the USA. This is why you blow up buses filled with schoolchildren and beat women to death. The impotence of Islamic rage is a thing of almost comical wonder.

Remember, this publication is written right here in Australia. I'm so glad our government let these nice people into the country, aren't you? And some people wonder why Islam has an image problem. Not that this stops them whinging about "the propaganda campaign hatred and fear against Islam and Muslims".

Oh, and did I mention their disgusting interview with the Chief Murdering Bastard of Hamas? Just check out these grotesque excerpts:

Firstly, this is the custom of the Jews, for they are the killers of prophets, and the killers of the preachers who enjoin justice. Their criminal nature will never change.

The Jews have designs and ambitions in Palestine and in surrounding countries, and they utilize terrorism to materialise their plans and accomplish their ‘holy’ prophecies.

our charter states Palestine is a Muslim land that falls under the category of ‘Waqf’ in Islamic Law. Hence no leader, group, people or any generation is permitted to surrender a single hand-span of it to a non-Muslim. This is why we do not recognise the sovereignty of Jews on a hand-span of our country.

we shall regain every hand-span of our country (encompassing all land) between its sea-borders (in the west) to its river (in the east).

Certainly the Intifada is continuing and shall not stop. Truce may actually be a cause for stirring up the Intifada not weakening it.

Finally, we can only thank our brothers in the Editing Team of Nida’ul Islam, and ask Allah (swt) to bless their efforts and guide them to that which He loves and is pleased with.

Welcome to Islam, The Religion of Peace.

Here's my stab at an open letter to the editor:

Dear Sir,

Get out of my country, you filthy fucking bastards.



The Museum of Burnt Food

Thanks to DC Jensen for this educational link.

Australia's "independent" journalists hand out the highest praise

Good to know there is an organisation in Australia dedicated to uncorrupted, independent journalism.

They assure us that:

The Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) is fully committed to the principle that democratic societies require independent, critical and investigative journalism of the highest standard.

And to show us exactly what they mean by "journalism of the highest standard", they've just endorsed the Stalinist lunatics at The Green Left Weekly:

As our mainstream press moves further to the right and mostly forgets those with little power or money, Green Left Weekly provides a crucial social justice perspective and lots of stories you won't find elsewhere. I particularly like its international flavour with is so much broader than the commercial media which seems to have blacked out most of the world -- Wendy Bacon, Australian Centre for Independent Journalism.

It's good to remember that the GLW's "social justice perspective" includes starry-eyed worship of Cuba - where 18,000 political dissidents have been murdered, where there are prisons for gays and AIDS sufferers, and where there is absolutely zero freedom of speech, assembly, movement, or come to think of it, where there are absolutely no independent journalists.

Nice people, these fearless, free-thinking journos.

Another Jew in Oz

'Tom Paine' has become an aussie.

Of course, according to some jew-hating freaks, Tom will now start spitting on 'real' Aussies and sell state secrets to his big-nosed Illuminati masters in Tel Aviv.

Capitalism is going to collapse!!.... no, it's really going to happen this time.....

The Green Left Weekly is predicting the downfall of capitalism...again:

Renowned Marxist historian Humphrey McQueen opened the conference with a key-note address on the topic “Can capitalism collapse?”. He said he had first considered this question when he was 19 at a seminar organised by Young Labor in 1960. Labor shadow minister Frank Crean had addressed the question of whether capitalism could survive, answering affirmatively, but only for another 30-40 years. McQueen argued that the scale of capitalist crisis that exists now puts the question of collapse back on the agenda again.

McQueen used the example of Chinese capitalism as it exists today, and its similarity with the early capitalism portrayed by Marx in Capital, as the herald of what a collapse might bring to the rest of the world.

Communist forecasters - the Hal Lindseys of the economic world.

Arafish's blood-stained riches

Great article at Frontpage about how the world's smelliest mass-murdering terrorist thug has diverted public money to wage his war to exterminate Jews:

Recently, 60 Minutes ran an investigative report on Arafat showing that he has diverted nearly $1 billion in public funds to insure his political survival. As Lesley Stahl reports, “Although the money for the portfolio came from public funds like Palestinian taxes, virtually none of it was used for the Palestinian people; it was all controlled by Arafat. [i]”


Arafat wants his people to believe that creating a Palestinian state is costlier than they realize and that he should not have to publicly clarify the many expenses involved in creating the new state. According to Mohammed Rachid, Arafat's former economic adviser, it is estimated that Arafat had over $300 million dollars in his possession in order to create jobs, improve the medical facilities and help put food on people’s tables. One need only view the poverty and lack of services in the West Bank and especially Gaza in order to see that funds were not allocated towards these ends. This raises the big question – why did Arafat not use the PA’s revenue in a way that would benefit all Palestinians?

The answer is quite simple. If the socio-economic conditions improved in Gaza and the West Bank Arafat would have a very difficult time maintaining the idea that Israel is “oppressing” the Palestinian people. Improving economic conditions in the disputed territories would possibly lead to a lessening of Arafat’s control over Palestinian affairs, and as his self-preservation at all costs attitude demonstrates, Yasir Arafat is more interested in maintaining control than improving the Palestinians’ situation. Moreover, the rise of hope produced by improved conditions in the territories would cause an immediate drop in the rational for terrorist activities against Israeli civilians. As long as the Palestinian people view peace as something prevented by Israel Arafat can continue cultivating the hatred needed to perpetuate the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Wait a minute, isn't the suffering of Palestinians all caused by the evil bloodsucking Jews?

And can someone please explain why Israel just hasn't killed this piece of excrement already?

More of that non-existent anti-semitism

Damian Penny brings us more cheery updates. Personally, I still reckon all them Jews are just paranoid you know.....

Oh, and LGF links to another story on non-existent French anti-semitism.

But wait, here's another link, talking about those non-existent double-standards that come into effect when the UN deal with Israel.

These damn Jews and their delusional persecution complex. They're all just ganging up on us to make us all feel bad. Hell, next they'll start whinging about Babi Yar again.


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