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6 November 2004

Quote of the day

Shoplifting is a victimless crime, like punching someone in the dark.

- Nelson Muntz


Hurry up and die already

Yasser "fish face" Arafat is still breathing apparently. Naturally, the idiot French are doing their best to keep this mass-murdering thug alive. Still no word on exactly what he's suffering from.

I'm sure its nothing a sniper rifle couldn't solve.


Tex's 2004 blog awards: just like the Adult Video Awards, only less interesting

Best blog of them all: Little Green Footballs

Best solo blogger: Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs

Best oz blogger: Tim Blair

Best cranky old right-wing geezer: Kim Du Toit

Best chick: Michele Catalano

Best essay-style blogger: Belmont Club

Highest IQ: the very appropriately named Alan E. Brain

The "really needs to start posting more coz she rocks" award: Emily Jones

The no-particular-reason-to-give-the-award award: Yobbo

Best newbie: Currency Lad


31 things I will do when I am dictator of Australia

1: Slash all tax rates by 40%, except superannuation tax which will be scrapped completely.
2: Stop funding all arts, sport and multicultural programs.
3: Remove cross media laws and local content restrictions for TV channels.
4: Anyone earning more than $25,000 must use private health insurance.
5: Allow homeowners to use deadly force on intruders.
6: Gun ownership will be considered a right, not a priviledge to anyone without a criminal record. Allow the concealed carry of handguns and the wearing of bullet-proof vests. Firearm safety courses shall be offered to all children in school.
7: Decriminalise all drugs.
8: Scrap all defamation, anti-discrimination and anti-vilification laws.
9: Abolish the OFLC.
10: Make proficiency in the English language to be a requirement for residency & citizenship.
11: Reduce immigration from Islamic countries.
12: Privatise Telstra.
13: Raise speed limits on interstate roads from 100kph to 130kph.
14: Stop funding the ABC and SBS.
15: Raise HECS by 50%. Offer a free university degree to anyone who joins the Army Reserve.
16: Defence: offer incentives for the young'uns to become Army reservists. Free university degree & their own automatic weapon at home.
17: Scrap all import tariffs and all industry subsidies.
18: Make a national proclamation that "Soccer is shit".
19: Footpath parking for motorcycles, anywhere in Australia.
20: 'Three strikes' law for violent offenders.
21: Scrap all funding for interstate rail.
22: Abolish all "money for having children" payments.
23: Employers shall be able to sack any worker, at any time, for any reason.
24: Put competent security staff at airports, and encourage them to use racial profiling where necessary.
25: Remove all smoking bans from pubs, clubs and restaurants.
26: All laws regarding abortion to be scrapped.
27: Gay marriage and adoption to be allowed.
28: Anyone who has suffered injury through stupid or criminal acts will not be allowed to sue for damages. Nor will people who have injured themslves by not paying due care & attention to their activities.
29: Judges will enforce laws, not invent their own.
30: Scrap all regulations on gambling & liquor licencing.
31: All competition laws to be scrapped.


Saying it again, because I feel like it

Maria Sharapova is hot.


Another list of Tex truths

1: There is no moral difference between communism and nazism.

2: There is no moral difference between idolising Che Guevara and idolising Hitler.

3: Anyone who doesn't consider Yasser Arafat a mass-murderer is an idiot.

4: 95% of people who drive Subaru WRXs are dickheads.

5: I will never visit the third-world shithole known as Africa.

6: Terrorists are not freedom fighters. They are murderers. We do not need to negotiate them. We do not need to understand them. We just need to kill them.

7: We are not moving slowly toward fascism. We are not going to become "the 51st state of the USA". Our democracy is not under threat because the coalition happened to win the election. We are not becoming a racist, xenophobic society.... The delusions of lefty losers have little relation to reality.

8: Contrary to the beliefs of very stupid people, Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Packer and radio talk show hosts do not decide the outcome of elections.

9: Capitalist democracy is morally superior to all other forms of soceity.

10: 'American foreign policy' did not cause 9/11. Muslim terrorists did.

11: France is a moral sewer. Probably because anyone in France with any brains got beheaded during the revolution.

12: Gay marriage is not going to cause the destruction of the family unit, so get over it already.


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