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3 November 2005

The return of Thom Lyons, and he's brought his lawyers!

Yes, the Greens party candidate and certified nutcase hath returned!

During a discussion on a usenet guns forum, someone gave Thom the links to my posts about him.

Thom was not happy, and started issuing big scary legal threats:

Thanks for letting know about this. My lawyer says I'll own the guys house when we're done with him.

Unfortunately, he kinda undermined his case for libel with the following sentence:

Thats aside from the fact is a flaming nazi fuckwit who thinks right wing dictators are OK (no matter how many people they kill) but leftists are not.

Oops. Still, he has hopes for financial retribution over 'unauthorized' use of his photo:

Oh by the way, the photograph used is copyrighted and the photographer
wants $5000 immediately. I told him that these guys are right wing
fools and don't believe in obeying the law.

Oddly, Thom cannot provide details of who the photographer is, and no-one has e-mailed me demanding payment.

The posts continued, with promises to suspend my e-mail account:

He'se hiding behind GMAIL for starters and violating their policies left and right so he won't be with them for much longer.

Old Thom can't tell the difference between a blog and an e-mail account.

But, back to the waffle:

Next is the issue of him and the blog refusing to remove the lies and illegally obtained photograph and then and only then can he and the blog be taken to the tribunal but of course he'se hidden behind a US based blog too. He'se such a coward.

I dare him to post his address here so he can be served. Plus I also had a talk with a friend in the Federal Police who informed me that based on what I showed him the guy is a stalking under Australian law.

Thom thinks posting to a public newsgroup and my own webpages is 'stalking'. Heh. Lots of threats from Thommy, very little action.

things like this take awhile. But the goods guys always win in the end... well their lawyers do at least.

Hmmm. I queried him on his fearsome legal team. He said they're in his 'home town'. Thing is, his home town is Golden, Colorado.

Thom the genius has apparently engaged American lawyers to sue an Australian. Heh. Mind you, Thom is the guy who confused the Liberal Democratic Party with the Democratic Labor Party (even after being corrected on it), and thought I lived in Texas after telling him I lived in Canberra.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Thom often makes a big point of his combat service in Vietnam:

By the way I'm not a communist. Unlike the coward poster and Bush I
fought the commies in Nam.

How exactly did he 'fight the commies'? He was an Air Force photographer.

I think poor Thom is a few cans short of a six-pack. Just check out this non-sequiter rant in response to my invitation that his lawyers to e-mail me:

Better go run and hide the commies are out to get you. By the way I
see your gun grabbing hero Bush still hasn't the balls to invade Cuba.
Whats a matta, still licking your wounds from the last time Castro
kicked your ass? And the hurricans? Seems like Castro got it right
and your hero couldn't organize a chuck raffel. How many dead in
Cuba? ONE! How many in LA and MISS???

Amnd since were talking about the commies I see you didn't have the
guts to go fight them like I did. Whats the matter pussy, afraid
you'll get a bobo. Afraid some NCO might yell at you and make you cry
in basic?

By the way, only morons have blogs. It shows a severe feeling of
inadiquacy and self respect.

Oh by the way, I notice the host for your slanderous blog hasn't the
balls to put an e-mail address up for complaints. Is he as big a
chicken as you are?

I guess he didn't look too hard.

Come on Thom, sue me. I'm waiting, you pole-smoking cumstain.


Happy anniversary!

The joyful Stalinists over at the Communist Party of Australia are celebrating a momentous anniversary:

It is 88 years next Monday since the workers and peasants of Russia, sick of war, hunger, suffering and privation, seized the government of the country and demanded peace, bread and land.

It was a revolution, and because it took place in October under the old Orthodox calendar used in Russia at the time, it is known to history as the Great October Socialist Revolution.

And they did so many wonderful things:

Despite mistakes and setbacks, despite sabotage and imperialist blockade, the world's first socialist state successfully involved the working people in building a new type of society, a society they recognised as their own.

When imperialism enlisted fascism as the means of destroying this new society, the people rallied to the defence of Soviet Russia. The Russian people made colossal sacrifices to win a titanic struggle against Nazi Germany. In the process, they saved the rest of the world as well and proved the superiority of the socialist system, for a capitalist Russia could never have done it.

Sadly, all the fun was destroyed by the democracy-seeking capitalist pigs!

The subsequent betrayal of socialism in the USSR by Gorbachev and others who succumbed to the honeyed words of deceitful capitalism does not diminish the achievements of the socialist countries of Eastern Europe.

The destruction of a society that cared for all its members, that provided universal free health care, that guaranteed housing, education and employment to all its citizens, had a catastrophic effect.


The socialist countries, all of which were in fact the product of the October Revolution, kept the aggression of imperialism in check in the decades after WW2. Only after the overthrow of socialism in the USSR and Eastern Europe, did the USA and other imperialist powers feel free to unleash wars at will with devastating effects on the people of many countries.

Today, when capitalist governments are once again introducing draconian laws attacking democratic rights and endeavouring to crush the trade unions with laws that echo the laws and policies of the Nazis and other fascists of the 1930s, the question of what sort of society do we want is once again on the agenda.

The working class must rally all the democratic forces of society to the defence of our democratic rights — including trade union rights — while making people aware that a better world unquestionably is possible: that was demonstrated once and for all by the Great October Socialist Revolution of November 7, 1917.

Yes, these people want The Soviet Union back. Coz, y'know, they were so good at protecting 'democratic rights'.

In honour of this wonderful occassion, here's some pictures of dead commies:

Che Guevara, starring in a special posthumous performance of "I, Worm Food" Nikki Ceausescu, after the Romanians decided that 'people's revolution' meant 'Kill commie bastards'

There are few sights in the world as wonderful as that of a freshly-whacked communist.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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