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10 October 2004...... 11.40pm

More election observations

- Peter Garrett seemed to be choking back rage in the TV interviews. Apparently we'll all be sorry that we didn't "think about the deeper issues". He mentioned his irritation that the voters hadn't listened to the edicts of the "43 eminent Australians".

- Amused by the comments from Labor campaign hacks that Latham had "won the campaign but lost the election". Would have loved to see the results of Latham losing the campaign.

- Robert Ray looked suicidal. Bob McMullan did too, but he always looks like that.

- On the ABC's coverage, Nick Minchin was desperately trying to stifle the world's biggest shit-eating grin the entire night.

- Anyone else see the interview with Bob Katter? He was drunk off his ass.

- Latham himself - the fat, glass-jawed wussy - looked close to tears during his speech. Fucking wanker. Now sod off back to Western Sydney and fuck up their local government again.

And on that note, I leave you with my favourite photo from election night '04:



Election reactions........

After last night's crushing coalition victory in the federal election, I had a great deal of fun observing the reactions of those on the losing side.

Some, needless to say, are not taking it well:

Subject: Well...I've Been Proven Right Again....The Australian Public Are Fucking Idiots!!!!

Not just slightly silly...but totally retarded! Not only have they returned
Howard to power, but they have increased his majority and possibly given him
control of the senate...almost total power! He's not just Jackboot Johnny
anymore....he's SUPER Jackboot!!! Ignorance, greed and cowardice has won
the day. Australia has shot itself in the foot, hoping it will improve it's
tap dancing! We are going to pay a very, very, very severe and terrible
price for that stupidity! The consequences of this election will be beyond
anything the gutless voting public can ever imagine. In two years this
country will be totally unrecognisable....and I'm going to be laughing my
ass off as the wheels fall off and we crash and burn. This country deserves
every single second of the pain and suffering it is going to reap soon.

This wisdom was brought to you by "Clayton" at aus.politics. It displays the same po-faced miserablism and contempt for the public that typifies the left.

Some of the commenters at Chris Shiels' blog seem to be internally hemorrhaging:

The average Australian voter, with little interest in the complexities of the real world, the world beyond their familiar boundaries, and with an instinctive desire to trust their leaders, will readily believe the message that comes from on high, via the mass media. They have no reason to look behind the headlines of the day. If the media play the same theme day after day, the masses will accept it as fact, even in the absence of evidence. Just as they believed the lies about WMD or children overboard. While it should be the job of the media to scrutinize and expose govt rhetoric, these days the media is the mouth piece of the plutocracy, and their job is to market the agenda of the ruling elite.

It's more of the deluded arrogance only the left can produce: the public are brainless, greedy bastards, unable to make rational choices (ie. voting Labor, Dem or Green).

This commenter doesn't seem as much arrogant as insane:

Something very important has happened here - Latho has actually won. I say this because despite the absolutely incredible spending spree by Ratty & co, the negative ads, the overwhelmingly pro Howard media, the unprecedented scare campaign AND having been in the job 9 months - the ALP has not been decimated. Its held its primary vote and had a small swing toward it. While this is not a true victory, 48% of the people still dont support Howard. This is a very solid foundation on which to start building.

Heh. May they have many more such victories. Hey, here's a real sqealer:

I'm not surprised so many of us here feel utterly devestated by this result. For someone with a conscience and an informed perspective on the world, it is really difficult to understand how so many people can endorse a lying, cowardly, warmongering bunch of rightwing bigots like this Howard govt. I know the RWDB's can't understand our perspective, they simply don't won't to face the fact that Howard is a lying, conniving, self-interested manipulator, I guess they can identify with that sort of personality and so they think it's quite acceptable, but you can tell by their ultra-sensitivity to criticism, that deep down, they know they are really pathetic, shallow minions, clinging to the apron strings of the rich and powerful.

Somebody fetch some pre-moistened towelettes. He continues...

What really gets up the noses of these RWDB's is the fact that, even though they can bribe and hoodwink enough voters to win govt, they cannot corrupt the values or break the will of the progressive forces in this country. I here them urging us to admit we're wrong and fall in line behind the small-minded, self-interested agenda of big business and the ruling elite. But they're wasting their breath, we're not about to sacrifice the principles we cherish, we won't be bullied or bribed, no way.

You don't need to be bullied or bribed, you've been beaten.

Over at Islamic Sydney, they're not taking it too well either:

A very sad indictment on the average Australian..... too stupid to realise they are being lied to constantly, or just dont care.

what part of the Australian brain was either: oversized and diseased, or not used today?

my first concern before anyone is Mamdouh Habib abd David Hicks. As for depressed people, the real people who need psycho-brain therapy is the Australian public who forgot justice and humanity and voted to defend unrealistic fear of insecurity

When a pro-Howard commenter complained about his posts being deleted, he got this reponse from the moderator:

Go and post your crap for somewhere else. You can call it censorship or bias or whatever I don't really care. Your post is highly provocative considering the feelings of others expressed thus far in this thread. More than your post will be wiped if you persist. This is the doctrine of the new Australia under Howard - social injustice and inequality. Doesn't feel nice does it?

And more...

Australia is turning into a nation of predominately conservative right wing racist rednecks. (Strong words yes but look at Howard's social policies over the years and try and convince me otherwise - anti-Asian, anti-Aboriginal, anti-refugee, pro-war, pro-monarchy, pro-Christian & white, dishonest, war & fear monger - and yet people vote for him.)

It's the old equation...

Labor victory = australians are progressive, enlightened, informed and generous
coalition victory = australians are racist, greedy and ignorant

That's pretty much Margot Kingston's take on things too:

The truth is that Australians feel so insecure, due to their high general debts and crippling mortgages, that they cannot tolerate any perceived risk. They are so focused on staying in front of the mortgage that they turn their faces away from Iraq and its consequences for Australia.


In June last year I wrote Howard's roads to absolute power. He took a giant step towards achieving that goal tonight. The minority of us who believe in egalitarianism, care for our environment, a strong democracy celebrating dissent and an independent Australia on the world stage must take stock.

We must join forces across the political divide to make a difference. We must create and nurture alternative media, and we must venture out of our enclaves to reach out to fellow Australians across the political spectrum and find quality candidates prepared to stand for public office with our committed support.

Margot then informs us that she's starting this life-or-death fight by taking a month-long holiday. You warrior-girl, you!

And who better to finish this post with than the raving nutters at the Sydney Morning Herald's Your Say section:

Absolutely disgusted. Shame Australia SHAME. To think that Howard earned your vote after he mislead us all on Tampa, Iraq and most importantly INTEREST RATES, is beyond belief.

The election results marks an END to honesty, accountability and above all a fair dinkum 'fair go' attitude that our nation was proudly built on.


Posted by: Hanan Hammoud

It is just plain sad and scary. This country is ill. A virus has infected it more than ever before. The Australian people have voted, but not all of them for Howard. Just because he wins does not mean that those who didn't vote for him should fall into line with the rest of the herd and accept his policies. We're in for a rough three years. Sorry if this is somewhat vague. It's completely perplexing.

Posted by: Dave Pulson

Yes, people vote, and the guy with the most votes wins. Very, very perplexing.

Anyway, back to the hysterics:

I am speechless with anger at my fellow Australians for re-electing this warmongering, lying gnome who - whenever confronted with the need to make a decision - has always chosen the most 'conservative' and unimaginative path to anything.

Howard is a miserable mediocrity, the worst prime minister this country has had in my lifetime, and the fact you out there - not me - have re-elected him is possibly the most extreme indictment of the spirit, intelligence and heart of the so-called "Australian people" that there could ever be.

Firstly we turn down the opportunity for a republic, and opt to keep that anachronistic dysfunctional "Windsor" family as our "monarchs", and now we re-elect a man who went to war just because George Bush told him to. And we don't even care that he lied, or shifts the blame onto others and then says he was never told.

Posted by: Lachlan Colquhoun

And here's some charming well-wishes for the Australian public:

On the subject of this travesty that occurred last night, I felt like lashing out with some vitriol at the blinkered individuals that caused it. I thought of proposing that Labor run dead in the senate. I thought they should argue the points against any unfair legislation but vote with the government on everything they put up. This I thought would have shown those selfish individuals that voted for the coalition but are never going to benefit form their largesse, how foolish they were yesterday.

They will never benefit from the coalition's largesse because they do not belong top the top 5% the coalition is governing for.

As justice would have it, they might have just done it to themselves. They might have just handed full control of parliament to these neo-conservative, quasi-christian crusaders that want to establish the new world order they have dreamt of.

I'm afraid that with a locked up media, it'll take more than a decade to overcome what occurred on Saturday, October 9, 2004.

We that look beyond our back fence, are going to suffer having to stand by and watch the dishonesty and abuse of power that we have been observing in the past half decade or more. Now however, if the Senate also falls, those that have been blind to it all, will also suffer.

They will suffer the results of their own ignorance.

There is justice after all!

Posted by: Rubens Camejo

I am deeply disappointed at yesterday's result, and have disquiet at how this reflects the motives of many Australians. I'm alternating between anger and a determination to keep motivated and interested in national affairs, and then to a feeling of "what the hell" and to just not caring about our image overseas, fairness for all, the Tassie forests (while they remain), the environment, and all the other issues I hold dear to heart.

I mean, what's the point in caring anymore? Obviously many of my fellow countrymen can't see beyond their hip pocket, and if we're selling our souls for short term gain, then maybe I'll just close my eyes and join in (maybe this really is The Matrix!).

Posted by: Frank Alvaro

What is it with lefties and The Matrix?

I'm twenty years old; this was my first federal election. I've never felt so devastated or afraid for Australia’s future. John Howard has been given free rein to destroy our democracy: his control will now extend to the Senate and the media, which are supposed to protect us from abuses of executive power.

Posted by: Adele O'Hare

Another leftist meme: conservatives winning an election = death of democracy

Here's a dork who is feeling great shame that we are becoming just like those horrible Americans:

I feel ashamed to be called an Australian today. To have a Prime Minister and party as divisive and cruel as they are running this great country says a lot about where we are going.

We are not different to the Americans now in that we only care about whats in it for me. Greed ,greed and then more greed. If only people could give a shit about all the other people who are hurting through Howard's agenda then we could or should be better off. But sadly that will not be happening.

Casualisation now is rampant in the workforce, people are in more debt now than ever, although they think they are better off. We send other people's sons and daughters off to a war based on lies and deceit. Howard passes the ball when ever he gets caught out lying.

But do most people care? No, just keep my pocket lined with a low interest rate. It was a big lie that sucked in more people than i would give credit for. We should be known as the lucky country, not the stupid one.

Want a real tatse of the future and what Howard and his cronies want? Jump on a plane to America where crime is rampant, prisons are over flowing , homelessness is higher than any other country, people work for wages as low as 4 dollars an hour, no free hospitals, no free education. The rich live behind security walls to keep us rabble out.

This man was put there as a mistake and will be remembered in years to come as the head of state who lied his way to the top and lied to keep himself there at the expense of ordinary Australians who are too ignorant and selfish to have any morals.

You have made your bed Australia.

Posted by: Steve Best

More Democracy-is-evil-we-must-choose-on-the-people's-behalf:

Democracy is an illusion! This election confirms it. What we need to transition to is a unified nation without state governments, one where national bodies for the various legislative requirments are set up based around local concerns - all reporting to the one national head. These national heads would then be elected based on their experience and qualifications.

Posted by: Jason Doherty

I can accept that the Australian people elected Howard regime for the 4th term in the Lower House. But to give Howard regime the control of the Senate as well? This I cannot fathom. I thought the Australian voters were intelligent people. I was wrong. It was like giving Dracula the control of the Blood Bank.

Posted by: P Tjhai

Democracy is fascinating to me. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the war – yet they appear to have voted for Howard. I don’t understand how this happened.

Posted by: Raph Kennedy

A victory for selfishness, greed, short-sightedness, ignorance, fear, and a fundamental lack of compassion for others. My friends and I sat in disbelief last night - a bunch of mid-to-late 20 somethings, a few post 30s - and none of use can understand who *votes* for these people.

Democracy failed us and all who think as we do yesterday: we have no representation in our federal parliament whatsoever.

I'm no fan of Labor. But I am ashamed to be Australian when that means immorality, lies and deceit has become a rewardable political strategy in this country.

Lock up desperate children; aggressively invade a foreign country against international law; curtail government support for education, health, the environment - and evidently the majority of Australia's population will love you for it.

Posted by: justin wood

I found this one particularly amusing:

After a night like that, we might well ask, where is our Mandela?

A triumph of greed over good, and of racism over reason.

They say that a country gets the government it deserves.

Well you got what you deserve, you bronz'D brave sons of the Southern Cross.

Hello new Australia.

Hello, you complacent, SUV driving, mortage-belt Christians.

Hello and amandla!

Bring on the interest rate rises, John.

Posted by: Coco Fuentes

Amandla to you too. maybe we can get Winnie over here to murder some of our children.

Unfortunately an individuals right to vote is no good if people are not informed enough to make the right descision. Yesterdays poll indicated they are not.

Posted by: Jonathon Yates

Election night confirmed what so many people have suspected for some time now. Australia is the dumbest nation on Earth.

I really can't believe the stupidity and short sightedness of the Australian people. But I guess it is true, we get the government we deserve. We are a small minded, pathetic people, ruled by fear and self interest and so it should be we elect a government of the same.

Posted by: Carl Baker

Here's the inevitable Nazi Germany comparison:

Unfortunately, I think we are a minority and for the first time in my life I think I understand how the German public turned a blind eye to what the Nazi party was doing in Germany & Europe in the '40's.

History repeats and usually we live to regret it.

Posted by: Jan Trethewey

Hehehe. Sorry, but I'm getting immense sadistic joy from this. I hope you are too.

Three more years!


10 October 2004..... 2.10am

Victory..... media and celebrities demand veto powers over future election results

For the fourth election in a row, Australians were told by their betters that they should feel terrible about themselves.

Once again, the Australian public refused to comply.

This result is a catastrophe for Labor. The Coalition - abused and pilloried by the media and culturati for the last four years - have increased their majority.

"Howard lied! Troops out of Iraq! The rich are getter richer, the poor are getting poorer!, Blah Blah Blah!!"

So much for Latham the saviour being in touch with the common man. So much for the great uprising of people punishing Howard for the Iraq war and "making us a terrorist target".

This is a shattering defeat for the left in this country, and we can expect much abuse of the wretched, greedy, racist, selfish, ignorant, stupid proliteriat from the usual grab-bag of lefty commentators, self-appointed human rights activists and other assorted wankers who simply cannot understand why the general public just won't do what they're told.

More on this subject in the morning whenever I wake up.


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