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28 October 2004

Men in pyjamas to bring the next holocaust

The Guardian - brace yourselves - has printed an article telling us how stupid and dangerous Americans are.The unshakeable proof lies in that most vile and sadistic of all yank pastimes: baseball.

I swear to Christ I'm not making this up.

under present circumstances, "World Series" seems symptomatic of a dangerously solipsistic popular consciousness.


Baseball illustrates one of American nationalism's distinctive characteristics: the identification of the universal with the American, an identification rooted in the belief that America is not one nation state among many but the unique embodiment of an idea.

You just can't parody these fucking loons anymore.


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A letter from an idiot

I posted a list of questions to a pro-Castro nut on Usenet. Another pro-Castro nut provided some thoughtful responses. Read and be educated. My questions are in blue:

Perhaps you could use this opportunity to tell us why.....
- Cubans can't have free elections?

Same reason the Nazi parti is illegal in Oz and why the Communist
party was in USA. None of us can boast free elections.

- they're not allowed to leave the country?

Its a communist country. Leaving would consume collectively owned

- they can't have private property?

In a communist country everything is collectively owned. Thats what
makes it communist.

- they don't have freedom of speech or assembly?

Neither do we. I remember the police smacking people with batons near
King George Square, Brisbane, in the 70s. I note we have a racial
villification act and other constraints on freedom of speech. In fact
we had someone locked up for telling people a legal way to vote.

- why political opponents and independent journalists are imprisoned,
beaten and/or murdered?

Pauline Hanson.

- there is no indepedent media?

You think *our* media is independent?

- gays and AIDS patients are put into charming 'sanitoriums'?

They know the score beforehand. Our AIDS sufferers are free to infect
others. In fact the rights of AIDS sufferers here override the rights
of others in Australia. Which is sillier?

- if the Cuban people are so happy, why do thousands risk drowning to
swim to the USA?

I suspect thousands would go the other way for a holiday if the USA
allowed it.

- indepedent librarians get arrested and have their books confiscated?

Happens here too. Hundreds were recently arrested for possessing and
circulating kiddie porn. Good thing too. But thats just my opinion.

Come on Fagsbag, tell us how wonderful Castro is....

Agree or not with his philosophy, Castro is one of the most successful
leaders of our time. If the Yanks weren't so hung up on personalising
problems Cuba would be much better off.

The Yanks are just pissed off that they tried to invade Cuba and got
their arses kicked. Cuban contractors in Granada kicked arse again
till they ran out of ammo. Castro's face is an icon that symbolises
Americas underlying weakness. When Castro finally shuffles off the USA
will feel better but the underlying weakness will still be there.

personal opinion only

Hmmmm....a look at this idiot's e-mail address and some googling revealed something rather interesting: this is where he works.

I wonder what his employers would think of his geopolitical wisdom.


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