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9 September 2003

Quote of the day

Ooh, so Mother Nature needs a favor? Well maybe she should have thought of that when she was besetting us with droughts and floods and poison monkeys! Nature started the fight for survival, and now she wants to quit because she's losing. Well, I say, hard cheese.

- C.M. Burns

Dangergirl moves sideways

Sasha Castel has a new URL:

The Earth Stops: Richard Neville has a new essay

Our own nutmonger is back. His latest effort is the utterly batty anti-war howl "Poor Fellah my Planet". Check out the very first sentence;

I would feel much better today if I’d been wrong about the “war on terror”, because well over 60 thousand people would still be alive. Ten times that number would not be seriously injured.

Six hundred and sixty thousand killed and injured? His sources? John Pilger, an Iraqi doctor living in Britain, and the Iraqi branch of Nazimedia.

Later in the same paragraph, this stomach-churner:

Israel, an assassin’s lair, would not have turned Gaza into a concentration camp.

Thank you, Dr. Streicher.

The rest of the essay is not for the weak-of-stomach. I think I prefered Richard when he was unintelligible.

Rodney King needs another beating

Rodney King was arrested again. He was speeding at 100 miles an hour, high on PCP, when he ran a red light in Rialto, California on August 27. It is just a matter of luck that King hasn’t killed someone yet. This was his fifth arrest since a kangaroo court awarded him $3.8 million some years ago because the LAPD had “violated his civil rights.”

The rest of David Horowitz's piece on this degenerate, wife-beating thug makes for great reading. Espcially this bit:

Will Rodney King’s fifth arrest teach anyone anything? Hardly. First, because no one wants to even talk about it. But second, nothing will be learned for the same reason that liberals reading this column will consider it mean-spirited and lacking compassion. Of course the same liberals have already forgotten the 58 people who are dead because of Rodney King and the criminals he and his supporters inspired – (I am thinking of the late unlamented murderer Damian “Football” Williams). Nobody cares about the innocent victims of the protesters for social justice – the 2000 Koreans who lost their businesses to “black rage;” the four cops who lost their careers because they beat a reckless criminal who was resisting arrest and refused to go prone.

Personally, I'll never forget when the first Prez Bush visited Australia after the LA riots - a huge group of white, stinky middle-class uni students furiously screaming slogans at Bush's motorcade: No Peace!! No Justice!! Burn, LA, Burn!!

Lovely people.

Hot Buttered Woggage

Damn, The Wog is on a roll right now, giving the boot to Germaine Greer and Paul Keating, amongst other stuff. Welcome back to the blogroll woggy.....


As far as motorbike racing goes, last weekend blew goats.

First, Neil Hodgson the World Superbike title at Assen, which says more about the standard of competition this year than it does about Neil.

Neil is a good rider, and has won a few races in the past, but has never been anywhere near championship-grade in the face of real competition. This year, his Ducati 999 was one of only two full-factory superbikes in the field, with Honda,Yamaha, Aprilia, Benelli and Kawasaki all withdrawing from the competition, and the top riders had all left for greener pastures. Ducatis have won every race this year, making it the dullest championship in years. What a bore.

And after one of the greatest GP races of all time a few weeks ago in Brno, Sunday's MotoGP race was a snoozefest from start to finish. Rossi and Honda won by miles.


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